5 Christmas movies to binge on tonight

Everything that you needed to do in preparation for tomorrow’s activities is complete, now what? Well, now you sit back, relax and have a little binge on Christmas movies. This will also help get you in the mood, erm, we mean spirit.

There’s a variety to choose from, comedy, romance, suspense and other genres. Here’s our favourite picks in no particular order.

Home Alone

We know what you’re thinking, why would you watch a kid’s movie? It’s actually a movie about a huge family that leaves home for a Christmas vacation but accidentally leaves one child, Kevin, home until mid-flight. See, Kevin is a clever and resourceful kid who thinks on his feet when burglars try to rob his house. So, technically it’s a family movie, fun to watch and can teach you a thing or two.  

Friday After The Next

This is the third part of the Friday series, directed by Marcus Raboy and starring Ice Tube, Mike Epps, Terry Crews and Kat Williams. Although this episode lacks the’ Chris Tucker factor’, it’s still pretty decent and chaotic in ways that count.

Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are at their best tummy-aching laughter creation with this one. They play an couple whose vacation plan fails miserably and are now left to trot up and down to four Christmas family get togethers held by their divorces parents. They have no where to hide from their crazy relatives and things get pretty interesting.

Silent Night 2012

When a serial killer dresses up as Santa, no one is suspicious and this leaves him to hide in plain sight. Real-life plots were added to depict the horrors of the Covina massacre where about nine people were murdered by a fake Santa during Christmas eve festivities.

The Best Man Holiday

This is a sequel to 1999’s The Best Man movie that follows collage friends’ Christmas reunion. It’s black magic overload with Hollywood legends such as Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan and her twin sister (no she’s not but seriously their parents have some explaining to do) Regina Hall, Monica Calhoun, Harold Perrineau, Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard and Morris Chestnut. Secrets spill out from all corners and wrong things are said. It gets pretty chaotic.

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