Being Bonang review: will this be the best season yet?

The bar has definitely been raised for this new season.

Okay, let’s face it, anything media personality, businesswoman and reality show star Bonang Matheba does is often a success, and her reality show Being Bonang is no exception. The new season of the show premiered last night, and as great as season one was, just from last night’s episode the show’s team has found a winning formula. Despite the popularity of season one, some people had said they wanted to know the real Bonang, not only see the events she goes to and her slaying, and in the first episode of Being Bonang 2, that was answered in a big way.

In the first scenes from last night’s episode, Matheba’s father Andrew Matheba visits her and the two chat about some family event they are planning. The interaction between father and daughter shows Queen B in a totally different light. She, like many young women out there is daddy’s girl.

‘This season people will get to know me more and get to meet my family and some very personal things to me. It was daunting at first to reveal that side of me, but I am learning to be comfortable with it,’ Matheba says.

The episode also shows Matheba’s cousin Tebogo ‘Pinky Girl’ Mekgwe‘s surprise birthday and for the first time, we get to see Pinky’s mother and other family members. Matheba also talks about how she is single while having brunch with her best friend television presenter and businesswoman Lorna Maseko, the conversation is real and as always funny.

We do get that it takes more than one episode to judge a show, but it’s trending number one in South Africa and 17th in the USA yesterday, kinda confirms that there is a winning formula at play.

It a breath of fresh air to see Matheba the person, the daughter, the cousin and of course the glam star, she did a magazine shoot as well on that episode.

‘It’s going to be an amazing season. If you loved season 1, this one will definitely be for the books,’ Mekgwe says.

From the little bit we have seen, we agree with Mekgwe.

Being Bonang airs on 1Magic at 7:30 every Friday.

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