Brendan Fallis on fashion & what to listen to this summer

If you’ve read anything on the internet about Brendan Fallis, you’d expect an interview with the international DJ over lunch to be intimidating.

The New York-based cool guy, who happens to be recently married to the equally good-looking DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, is in the country to perform at the launch of a new Boss by Hugo Boss store. Fallis began a partnership with the brand after attending their Autumn/Winter 2017 show and the connection between the two has been nothing but a natural fit ever since.

‘Music and fashion have always gone together,’ says Fallis, noting that it’s the simplicity of the brand that draws him to it. ‘It’s high-end, functional, with good design elements, yet really wearable. Hugo Boss will always move with the time. The fit is classic.’

Fallis wears grey suit with geometric print, white cotton T-shirt, and bi-colour sneakers, all by Boss

Of course it doesn’t hurt that Fallis looks good in a suit, as his 85 000 Instagram followers can attest. Mixed between posts of music gigs and #fashiongoals, Fallis shares his fitness routine (it’s all part of the influencer package now, after all).

But what we can respect is Fallis’ integrity when it comes to what he shares, only working with brands that actually represent his lifestyle. ‘We’re all just micro-advertisers – instead of buying a billboard, you’re just buying a small piece of dedicated content that you know is going to hit a certain audience,’ he says. ‘With Instagram Stories now, it’s become even better because it’s grittier and kind of day-in-your-life raw.’

And for Fallis, it’s the work he does that matters most. ‘A video of a thousand people with their hands in the air still looks the coolest to me.’

That said, we asked Fallis for his top 10 summer tracks:

1. Cautious Clay – ‘Cold War’ (Nick AM Remix)

‘A deep baseline that carries a song is my absolute favourite. This one has such a sexy baseline and an undeniable groove.’

2. Sir Felix – ‘Safari’

‘I love songs that add a worldly touch in a great way. This song has a great melody but adds in modern elements. Great song to drive with.’

3. Superorganism – ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’

‘More mellow song, but great daytime summer vibes.’

4. Mura Masa – ‘Day 23: Have Faith In Me’

‘Songs like this don’t seem to come around too much anymore. Soul vibe made modern. Kind of reminiscent of ’90s hip hop at it’s best. Love this one a lot.’

5. Kevin Andersson feat. Klara Larsson – ‘I Follow Your Heartbeat (Ahlstrom Remix)’

‘Upbeat with short strong synths making for a really vibey sound of the moment.’

6. Krankbrother – ‘When You’re Watching Me’

‘A steady beat with a long build that grows with you while you listen. Then once it drops it hits with some deep bass, that with the right speakers, will keep you positively moving.  A great atmospheric track.’

7. Kamaliza – ‘Zermatt’

‘A chill summer track that is great any time of the day.’

8. N.E.R.D & Rihanna – ‘Lemon’

‘Tough to deny the danceability of this one. Always nice to hear something fresh and new sonically that works.’

9. CamelPhat & Elderbrook – ‘Cola’

‘A dance floor killer.  Possibly my favourite track of the moment that everyone has heard at some point if you’re out in the clubs and at festivals. This thing is a monster!’

10. Vijay and Sofia – ‘World of Colors’

‘This worldly track pulls me in and keeps me hooked with a smooth baseline. It has a great happy feel to it that I can play out for days.’

Featured Image: Fallis wears suede jacket, popeline dress shirt, and jeans, all by Boss

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