Cardi B and Bruno Mars are dripping in 90s Finesse

Bruno Mars and Cardi B take us on a journey back to the feel good ol’ days with the new remix of ‘Finesse’.

This is way before LCD screens, Dstv, Netflix and such were a thing. The Wayans brothers (anybody know where the hell are they now?), Keenen and Damon created something for the African-American community (and Africans everywhere). Living In Colour, a 90s hit comedy series that was purely to share humour from the ghetto.

Our favs were also not even that much of a big deal then, the likes of Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, the other Wayans clan such as Marlon and many more others.

But boy, did they make us laugh until our tummies hurt. Oh, the nostalgia.

The pair, Bruno and Cardi teamed up to pay homage to the comedy with a remix that will snatch your feels

Even the sitcom’s Fly Crew member J-Lo agrees.

The ‘Finesse’ original track co-written and co-produced by The Stereotypes is featured and is one of the hit singles from his double platinum certified and Grammy nominated 2017 album, 24K Magic.

Cardi B is also at the top of her game, breaking records, multiple nominations and recently announced as a Coachella debutant.

The sound fusion is on point, contemporary pop meets new age rap. Their sounds fit well together and complement each other, so much that it feels natural.

But so are the dance routines and the outfits — the retro jackets, jean shorts, striped t-shirt over printed sweatshirt and gold chains. Bruno, who was the directive brains behind the song’s music video put a lock on the visuals.

The video is full of colour, literally. It is lively and fun and sure to get the deserved play and streams.

Watch the video below:


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