Anatii Bags Deal With Courvoisier

Courvoisier announced hip hop star and producer Anatii as their new Lumiere yesterday. The reveal happened at the luxurious Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg — “where your dreams of happily ever after begin” — being an idea we believe Courvoisier and Anatii were gunning for.  This partnership comes almost as no surprise with more musicians aligning […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence shares a fascinating insight into her complex Red Sparrow character

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer LawrenceEXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence is back on the big screen this spring with her highly anticipated thriller, Red Sparrow, and if you’ve watched the trailer you’ll know exactly why we’re excited for its release.

In the action-packed spy flick, JLaw plays ex-Ballerina, Dominika Egorova, who is recruited to ‘Sparrow School’ – a Russian intelligence service where she is trained to use her body as a weapon. However, things take a dark twist when her first mission, targeting a CIA agent, threatens to unravel the security of Russia and the US.

In this exclusive clip, Lawrence explains the complexities of her character…

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“She’s forced into a program against her will and trained in espionage,” the Oscar-winning actress explains. “She turns the tables, her mind is fascinating.”

She continues: “She’s ten steps ahead of everybody who’s trying to use her.”

The movie, which has been directed by Francis Lawrence, hits cinemas on 1 March. We are counting down the days!

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Tamara Dey shows off her baby bump in these exclusive pics!

Tamara Dey first shared the news of her pregnancy in September with a stunning photo on Instagram. But we have exclusive photographs of her latest maternity shoot and boy does she make motherhood look good!
She shared with us the up and downs of pregnancy and her top mommy fashion tips. Read what she had to say here:

What is it like being pregnant?

Pregnancy has been a completely mind-blowing experience and a very spiritual one for me too. I’m inclined to stress and over think things but I’ve been feeling surprisingly calm and really happy throughout the process, possibly because my soul has been ready for this lesson for a while now.
Despite the discomforts and physical challenges of the 3rd trimester, I’ve never been more in awe of and in complete trust of my body. I’m loving my pregnant bumps and curves and am constantly in fits of giggles at the sight of my shiny round belly. I’ve been attending Pilates classes and they have kept me feeling physically fit and mentally strong and really helped me to stay connected to my body and my baby throughout the pregnancy.

Your tips for first-time moms?

Expect anything, embrace everything and don’t compare yourself to others. Our bodies are different, our lifestyles are different and every pregnant woman is different and could experience a range of different symptoms and challenges during pregnancy.
There will be both good days and bad, so just be kind to yourself and listen to your body. There will also be loads of great advice out there from other women around you have braved through it, embrace what resonates with you and ultimately do what works best for you and your body, trust yourself.

Have you decided on a name yet?

I’ve been toying with a few names but haven’t decided yet. I feel like this little soul will inevitably choose its name, and how and when it’s going to enter the world as well!

What is the best part of being pregnant?

The part I’ve loved the most has to be the very intimate bond that’s been forming with the soul I’m carrying, I just can’t wait to meet this little person! I’m also so grateful for the incredible support I’ve gotten from my friends, family and fans! You’ve all been so kind, caring and supportive. Thank you!

Your top fashion tips for maternity wear

I found finding fashionable maternity wear quite challenging initially but then found a few gems in the end.
I’ve been living in the beautiful breathable bamboo maternity basics from Yummy Mummy and really enjoyed some great online shopping from Spree’s maternity-wear brands.
I’ve also found some very cool pieces from normal collections that just worked. I’ve loved wearing Gert Johan Coetzee’s kaftans to perform in on stage during the pregnancy and have been most comfortable in flowy-cropped tops and a high waisted stretchy floor length skirt, or long body con dresses etc.

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Bonang bags a new deal

cover shoot bonang matheba

cover shoot bonang matheba

By Hopewell Mpapu

Media darling Bonang Matheba is on a roll – from launching her book, juggling large endorsement deals and gracing our TV screens, there’s just no stopping this ‘It girl’.

She recently revealed to us that she’ll be hosting the first-ever DStv’s Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards in August this year.

“Between hosting and being nominated for best television personality, I think I look forward to the production [process] because it’s live television. I want to show people just how much I love my job,” she told us at the launch in Sandton.

Queen B added she’s excited to see that the awards “are inclusive and celebrate homegrown talent”.  The star, who never puts a foot wrong in the fashion stakes said her fans can look forward to seeing her in glamorous outfits on the evening.

“It’s going to be slayage all the way. South Africans deserve an Emmy Award-style ceremony and that’s exactly what I’ll deliver,” she said confidently.

EXCLUSIVE: Bonang reveals 30th birthday celebrations plans, lessons learned and more


South Africa’s ‘Queen of everything’ media personality Bonang Matheba turns the big 30 this Sunday the 25th of June, she gave DRUM an exclusive into how she will celebrate this milestone birthday, her excitement on her new book From A to B selling out and what her man rapper AKA has planned for her.

There are a number of monumental birthdays in almost everyone’s life and you are turning 30 which is one of the biggest birthdays for many people, how do you feel about it?

I am excited about it. It’s the most exciting birthday I have ever had. I am not anxious or terrified at all like some people who I have seen not too amped when they turn 30.

So no nerves at all?

Not even one nerve. I have achieved a lot of things and all the things I aimed to do by the time I was 30. I have achieved a lot more, so I am a happy 30 year old, an exhausted one but happy nonetheless.

How are you planning to celebrate turning 30?

With a big black tie dinner for family, friends and media people who have supported me and loved me over the years. It will be a gala dinner for 200 people and it will be quite a spectacular event. I am so looking forward to it.

Are you having the dinner on the day of your birthday?

No I will be away on the actual day, my boyfriend says he is taking me to New York but I will only know when I get the boarding pass where I am going.


Well because what he does is he usually books all the flights and accommodation and everything and he just tells me to pack. He only tells me what the weather is like where we are going so I know what to pack, so all I know is I am going somewhere warm in the Northern Hemisphere and will only know the exact place on Thursday when I get to the airport and get my boarding pass.

What has getting to the 30 taught you?

  • Over the past four to five years I have started to have a greater love and appreciation for God, for all He is and the plans He has for me. I have started to also appreciate His timing more.
  • I also have a deep appreciation for my parents the older I get and how they sacrificed a lot no matter how little they had to give me the life I have. I see how they really always did their best and continue to show their love and support for me, and I value that.
  • I also appreciate hard work even more as I get older, I appreciate the sacrifices I make even if that means less sleep, because I know now more than ever that each and every effort I made and compromise I made and continue to make is worthwhile.

You were in Namibia this weekend, what was happening there?

I was working on a special project with my team, it will be revealed soon. I hope people will support this as they have supported me before.

Speaking of support your book sold out in four hours at Exclusive Books?

Yes, the pre-order sold out and for a few minutes we crashed the Exclusive Books site and they were so amazing and added more books. I am hoping people will support just as much when the book comes out this July.

So what’s your advice for people who are also celebrating milestone birthdays?

Whether you are celebrating an 11th, 22nd, 40th, or 66th birthday the most important thing is to celebrate yourself and your birthday. A lot of people sometimes don’t want to celebrate because they feel it makes them look vain or selfish but if you don’t celebrate yourself who will?  There is no shame in celebrating yourself, even if you haven’t achieved all you wished for you should celebrate because people’s journeys differ. If you haven’t achieved everything trust in the power of the right timing and just keep working hard.

B, thank you for your time and Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you, I appreciate your continued support.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sfiso wanted more kids’- Ayanda Ncwane

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