The power of Somizi

Somizi is winning at life

His bright future was evident from the moment we saw him as Fire on Sarafina in 1992, one way or the other Somizi Mhlongo was already destined to be a star. His parents Mary Twala and Ndaba Mhlongo, were already seasoned performers, and it was not a surprise Somizi followed in their footsteps. What wasn’t evident was how Mhlongo would influence a culture and become one of South Africa’s most celebrated entertainers.

Almost three decades after the movie, Mhlongo at 45, is still one of the major players in South African and African entertainment. His brand has enormous power and we don’t see him stopping anytime soon.

To celebrate the entertainer that is Mhlongo, we have decided to round up a couple of things why Somizi is one of a kind and is one of our cultures most popular stars.

His staying power

Okay, let’s do a quick count, how many people do you know who were extremely big in 1992 that are still a big deal now? We really can’t think of anyone except Mhlongo. Yes, there are many stars who have carved careers over the decades, but there are not many whose popularity has even gotten better as they got older. Mhlongo’s career is at a high now way better than many of his peers or many who have come after him. Of course, it’s not a competition, but Mhlongo’s staying power is outstanding and very admirable.

King of comebacks

If there was an award for King of reinvention and comebacks, Mhlongo would win it hands down. A couple of years ago, Mhlongo was away from the spotlight, some people thought he may have retired, but Mhlongo came back onto the scene, having not only reinvented himself but he has become a bigger star.

All round entertainer

Mhlongo has managed to steadily ace being an all-around entertainer. He is the best selling author of his book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, a successful reality show star, an Idols South Africa judge, a radio and television personality, an actor, a choreographer and a sought-after MC.

A champion for LGBTQI+ 

Mhlongo has been a champion for LGBTQI+ rights for almost as long as we have known him. He has been vocal about his intolerance of any stigma or discrimination against  LGBTQI+ people. He held a seminar recently to tackle the issues affecting  LGBTQI+. Mhlongo’s ability to be open about his sexuality has also inspired many people to live their lives openly.


One of the major reasons Mhlongo has become a household name is his authenticity. He is real. He is himself, whether on the radio, as an Idols judge, on his reality show Living The Dream with Somizi, in interviews or any appearances. He doesn’t fake his accent or how he behaves. His truth makes people love him. It makes some not like him, but when it comes to Somizi, we know he will bring his real self to the table and we applaud that.


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We are digging Unathi Nkayi’s brand new Nguwe video

Unathi Nkayi has once again delivered a kick-ass music video.

Nkayi has dropped the video for her song Nguwe and we are in love with it. The song is the lead single for Nkayi’s album Brave, True and Strong.

Nkayi is dancing in the rain in a shimmering black jumpsuit, with the rain and a vintage Jaguar as her background. It then switches to Nkayi laying in model Tayo Faniran arms on a couch. Faniran plays her love interest in the video. The video is filled with smiles and exchanges between the two. It’s clean, yet colourful.

The visuals of Unathi in the bathtub pretty dope, and she loved filming them.

‘I wanted to create something sensual and intimate with the video. We did that.’

Director Justin Campus managed to capture Nkayi’s vision well. The intimacy and sensual elements were executed well.

Watch the video below: 


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Social media goes crazy over Kelly Khumalo


Kelly Khumalo is once again the talk of Twitter – but this time her armpits are the topic discussion.

The Asine singer was a guest judge on Idols SA on Sunday night but then the tweets on the #IdolsSA tag quickly turned from Kelly’s first TV appearance in a while to her “unbleached armpits.”

Kelly is yet to react to the nasty comments.

Armpit critics aside, plenty of Twitter users also pointed out Kelly would make a great permanent addition to the Idols judging panel.

SEE: Somizi has us in chuckles again

Somizi (1)

You can say whatever you want but when it comes to television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo, no one knows how to make us laugh on social media like he does.

Somizi took to his Instagram today to post a picture of himself and his parents when he was young pocking fun at the fact that his mom knew he was gay at a very young age.

Here’s a look at the post;

Somizi ‘shuts’ down a fan


Media personality, reality show star and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is hosting the upcoming red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, as much as this is great news there are a few people who always try to find something to ‘attack’ celebrities about.

Like a fan who after hearing that Somizi is hosting the red carpet took a swipe at Somizi saying; “The date is too close. When will he find the time to rehearse all those lines in proper English!”.

After he saw the tweet Somizi in true style didn’t let the fan go, instead he ‘shut’ the fan up with the tweet below;

somizi 3

Somizi wins, again

Somizi (1)

Media personality, reality show star and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is really owning 2017 in many ways. Hot off the heals of his book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit becoming a huge sold out success, Somizi is headed to Los Angeles, USA.

The well known choreographer and author is hosting the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards on the 28th of August.

For someone who at some point seemed like he was down and out Somizi is a true example of an unbreakable spirit and he inspires us all greatly.

Go slay them SomGaga!

‘I am more than capable to be an Idols judge’ – Donald

Singer Donald will replace former Idols SA long-time judge Gareth Cliff as a guest judge when the auditions for the 13th season take place in Cape Town.

He joins Unathi Msengana, Somizi Mhlongo and Randall Abrahams on judging panel.
“I am more than capable to judge the Idols competition. Music is my life and I have been in the music industry for over 10 years,” Donald says.

The Crazy But Amazing hitmaker says besides the obvious talent and charisma that is needed on stage, he’ll be looking for that special star quality in the contestants.
“I have high standards in music and the contestants must be able to engage with the audience and mostly have the determination and the hunger to want to win. I am looking for a star,” he adds.

Meanwhile, on his own career, he says he’ll be releasing the most important project of his life, The Red Mic Live DVD Recording.

“This project is important because I want to be the best live act in South Africa. They will see the level of work I have put into being the best,” he states.