The power of Somizi

Somizi is winning at life

His bright future was evident from the moment we saw him as Fire on Sarafina in 1992, one way or the other Somizi Mhlongo was already destined to be a star. His parents Mary Twala and Ndaba Mhlongo, were already seasoned performers, and it was not a surprise Somizi followed in their footsteps. What wasn’t evident was how Mhlongo would influence a culture and become one of South Africa’s most celebrated entertainers.

Almost three decades after the movie, Mhlongo at 45, is still one of the major players in South African and African entertainment. His brand has enormous power and we don’t see him stopping anytime soon.

To celebrate the entertainer that is Mhlongo, we have decided to round up a couple of things why Somizi is one of a kind and is one of our cultures most popular stars.

His staying power

Okay, let’s do a quick count, how many people do you know who were extremely big in 1992 that are still a big deal now? We really can’t think of anyone except Mhlongo. Yes, there are many stars who have carved careers over the decades, but there are not many whose popularity has even gotten better as they got older. Mhlongo’s career is at a high now way better than many of his peers or many who have come after him. Of course, it’s not a competition, but Mhlongo’s staying power is outstanding and very admirable.

King of comebacks

If there was an award for King of reinvention and comebacks, Mhlongo would win it hands down. A couple of years ago, Mhlongo was away from the spotlight, some people thought he may have retired, but Mhlongo came back onto the scene, having not only reinvented himself but he has become a bigger star.

All round entertainer

Mhlongo has managed to steadily ace being an all-around entertainer. He is the best selling author of his book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, a successful reality show star, an Idols South Africa judge, a radio and television personality, an actor, a choreographer and a sought-after MC.

A champion for LGBTQI+ 

Mhlongo has been a champion for LGBTQI+ rights for almost as long as we have known him. He has been vocal about his intolerance of any stigma or discrimination against  LGBTQI+ people. He held a seminar recently to tackle the issues affecting  LGBTQI+. Mhlongo’s ability to be open about his sexuality has also inspired many people to live their lives openly.


One of the major reasons Mhlongo has become a household name is his authenticity. He is real. He is himself, whether on the radio, as an Idols judge, on his reality show Living The Dream with Somizi, in interviews or any appearances. He doesn’t fake his accent or how he behaves. His truth makes people love him. It makes some not like him, but when it comes to Somizi, we know he will bring his real self to the table and we applaud that.


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Somizi shares the biggest lesson Bonang taught him


Even though they are no longer BFF’s entertainer and media personality says he learnt a lot from his former best friend  media personality Bonang Matheba, one of the biggest Bonang taught him was the importance of blocking negativity from his life, especially on social media.

“She actually taught me the art of blocking, she doesn’t play. But at the rate of the influx [of tweets] on her timeline, I don’t blame her because you need to get rid of anyone who can potentially make you uncomfortable,” Somizi said on The Fresh Breakfast.

“Bonang’s right thumb is strong and fast. The girl can even see a troll that is still coming. Just a mere ‘hi’ from a potential troll will get you blocked because she can anticipate that you will probably say something nasty at the end of that conversation,” Somizi added.

Somizi ‘backs’ Babes Wodumo


So after the fall out of Babes Wodumo not winning the SAMA 23 awards she was hoping to win and celebrities coming to her defense and consoling her, entertainer Somizi is doing his part in making sure she wins the next award she is nominated for. Babes is nominated for Best International Act: Africa at the upcoming BET Awards and Somizi took to his instagram to encourage people to vote for the star.

“Ok this is one sound that no one in the world has. So let’s make it count that @babes_wodumo has the potential to be the first female South African to win a BET AWARD. let’s vote,” Somizi posted on his Instagram. (See post below)

So if Somizi and all those other celebrities join forces and get people to vote for Babes, she may just win the award. What do you think? Have your say below;

Will Babes win the BET Award?

  • Yes!

  • No

Winners know when to stop- Somizi

Picture: Dino Codevilla

Picture: Dino Codevilla

So we all saw how well entertainer Somizi Mhlongo did as a SAMA host this past weekend with comedian and actress Tumi Morake right? After all the praise you would think Somizi would be ready to do it again if the chance arises right?  Well, Somizi isn’t interested in hosting the SAMA yet, he needs to take a break.

Somizi revealed that after the show he was offered the opportunity to host the awards next year but he declined.

“The producer and the CEO came to me and said you were amazing, you’ve given us no choice but to have you back next year,’ I said no,” Somizi explained on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast which he is a co-host of.

“I’m a believer in [the saying] winners know when to stop, so I told them ‘miss me a little bit, skip a year maybe’ and I will come back,” he added.

Somizi on how Bonang hurt him


Idols judge, choreographer and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo says his former best friend media personality Bonang Matheba hurt him.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on her show Real Talk with Anele Somizi opened up about how hurt he was about the abrupt end of their friendship.

“When you treat me like a troll and block me, it means that I was the only one in the relationship- and that hurts me to this day……I loved that girl and still do. She was my Lebo Mathosa and for her to shut me out like that really hurt me,” Somizi said about how Bonang blocked him after their friendship ended.

“She used to be my best friend. I think I loved her too much. I was too much into the relationship. It was a do or die relationship. I never thought that one day someone would come in and influence them the other way. And even if they did, we would be best friends and share everything together or at least give the relationship the respect and say this is what I heard you said about me,” he explained.

Somizi and Bonang’s friendship broke off after reports that Somizi had told DJ Zinhle that Bonang had been having an affair with DJ Zinhle’s then man rapper AKA.

Bonang on Somizi

Ever since media personality Bonang Matheba had a fallout with former BFF entertainer Somizi Mhlongo, she hasn’t said anything about him. She hasn’t even explained or spoke about why their friendship ended. Her silence made people believe she hates the Idols judge; now it seems that’s not the case.

Even though they are not friends, Bonang still holds Somizi in high regard, at least as far as his work is concerned. On a YouTube link late last year Bonang openly told ANN7’s Abigail Visagie that she would have given the South African of The Year 2016 award to Somizi if the awards took place. The South African of the Year (SATY) Awards 2016 were postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, and a new date is yet to be confirmed.

“He’s the entertainment dream. He’s on television, radio, he’s cooking, acting, he sings, he’s a choreographer, he had a very powerful 2016,” she said.

Somizi was nominated for the Personality of the Year Award alongside Bonang, Thato Molamu, Robert Marawa, Katlego Maboe, Jay Anstey and Bobby van Jaarsveld.

“I think Somizi has had a great SATY16, I feel like his time is certainly now. From landing a huge role like the Idols judge, and to be able to do something with that brand, turning it into something else. He has given us more as a South African consumer that we expected from him,” she said.

Bonang and Somizi’s five year friendship ended in 2015 amid rumours that he leaked information about Bonang dating AKA.
Last year, Somizi dropped all the juicy details about how his five-year long friendship with Bonang finally came to an end on his reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi, which aired on Mzansi Magic.

“What I hear is that she thinks or she was told that I told Zinhle about her relationship with AKA. But why? Why would I do that to her? I want the three of them, Zinhle, AKA and Bonang, to sit down and tell me who said that I said what. I’m too old for this shit. People come in your life and leave for a reason,” he said during one of the episodes on his reality show.

Source:  SATY2016