7 Coolest things this week

Asanda Sizani, The Ferrari SP38, Gareth Bale, Ashwin Willemse, The Obama’s and Somizi all feature in the top 7 coolest things in our world this week.

 Asanda Sizani

Renowned fashion and beauty powerhouse Asanda Sizani was announced as the new Editor-in-Chief of GLAMOUR. Asanda is the first black Editor-in-Chief for the brand since it’s inception 14 years ago. Talk about black excellence and black girl magic at the same damn time.

Gareth Bale

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Real Madrid won the Champions League, and one man to give kudos to for that is Gareth Bale. Bale scored two of the three goals. His acrobatic volley is one of the best goals of all time.

The Ferrari SP38

Ferrari showed their super manufacturing muscles again with the new Ferrari SP38, which has the framework of the 488 GTB and the engine cover from the classic 90s F40. It’s also a hybrid. It’s custom made so there is only one of it’s kind.

Ashwin Willemse

Former rugby player and analyst Ashwin Willemse continued to trend for taking a stand against being undermined in the workplace. He inspired many people who vowed to use his example to stand up against any form of prejudice.

Michelle and Barack Obama

The former US president and first lady bagged a deal to produce film, documentaries and TV shows for Netflix. Can this power couple get even cooler? I mean, this is dope news.


The reality star, television and radio personality, singer, dancer and author Somizi Mhlongo made history as the first man in Africa to be the face of makeup brand Black Opal.

Mpho Dagada

Bitcoin millionaire Mpho Daga is releasing a book titled Mr Bitcoin, he previewed the cover this week on social media. The book will delve into how he became a bitcoin millionaire at 21.

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The power of Somizi

Somizi is winning at life

His bright future was evident from the moment we saw him as Fire on Sarafina in 1992, one way or the other Somizi Mhlongo was already destined to be a star. His parents Mary Twala and Ndaba Mhlongo, were already seasoned performers, and it was not a surprise Somizi followed in their footsteps. What wasn’t evident was how Mhlongo would influence a culture and become one of South Africa’s most celebrated entertainers.

Almost three decades after the movie, Mhlongo at 45, is still one of the major players in South African and African entertainment. His brand has enormous power and we don’t see him stopping anytime soon.

To celebrate the entertainer that is Mhlongo, we have decided to round up a couple of things why Somizi is one of a kind and is one of our cultures most popular stars.

His staying power

Okay, let’s do a quick count, how many people do you know who were extremely big in 1992 that are still a big deal now? We really can’t think of anyone except Mhlongo. Yes, there are many stars who have carved careers over the decades, but there are not many whose popularity has even gotten better as they got older. Mhlongo’s career is at a high now way better than many of his peers or many who have come after him. Of course, it’s not a competition, but Mhlongo’s staying power is outstanding and very admirable.

King of comebacks

If there was an award for King of reinvention and comebacks, Mhlongo would win it hands down. A couple of years ago, Mhlongo was away from the spotlight, some people thought he may have retired, but Mhlongo came back onto the scene, having not only reinvented himself but he has become a bigger star.

All round entertainer

Mhlongo has managed to steadily ace being an all-around entertainer. He is the best selling author of his book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, a successful reality show star, an Idols South Africa judge, a radio and television personality, an actor, a choreographer and a sought-after MC.

A champion for LGBTQI+ 

Mhlongo has been a champion for LGBTQI+ rights for almost as long as we have known him. He has been vocal about his intolerance of any stigma or discrimination against  LGBTQI+ people. He held a seminar recently to tackle the issues affecting  LGBTQI+. Mhlongo’s ability to be open about his sexuality has also inspired many people to live their lives openly.


One of the major reasons Mhlongo has become a household name is his authenticity. He is real. He is himself, whether on the radio, as an Idols judge, on his reality show Living The Dream with Somizi, in interviews or any appearances. He doesn’t fake his accent or how he behaves. His truth makes people love him. It makes some not like him, but when it comes to Somizi, we know he will bring his real self to the table and we applaud that.


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Celebrities pull through in celebration of Mother’s Day

Mzansi famous men honor the women in their lives.

If you were on social media yesterday, you could feel the love people have for their mothers. Celebrities from rapper AKA to media personality Somizi, international star Swizz Beatz, Anatii all paid tribute to their moms and the women in their life.

It was a feast of love as some celebrities who are usually hardcore, let their guards down in their posts to their mom. This wasn’t a surprise to us though as we know any man becomes a little boy when he thinks of mommy.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebs tributes to the queens of their hearts.


So my mom just called me to ask what the plans are for tomorrow. I told her to just be ready in the morning. She says ok goodnight I love u I say I love u too and hang up. After that call I felt so good and grateful that I still have a mother u can still give me that call on the eve of Mother’s Day. And there’s someone out there who will never have that call and wishes for it. And there’s someone out there who has a mother and ignores that call. Let’s appreciate and love love them coz they only happen once in our lifetime. Bayahlupha bona shemmm but we wasn’t exist without them. I wish everyone a great Mother’s Day with yo Mothers. And to those that have lost theirs I also wish a happy one with yo guardian angels in heaven

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Happy Mama’s Day! ❤❤❤ #ElectronicBushMama

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Mother Mother ❤. Happy Mother ‘s day to all the Mothers in the World.

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Here’s why Comedy Central Roast of Somizi is one of the best yet

Somizi’s roast was everything a roast should be.

We know that radio personality, reality show star, actor and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is a big deal. That is why we knew his Comedy Central Roast would be a smash hit. What we didn’t know though, was it would also be a roast if egos around the panel. We also didn’t know that TV and radio personality Joanne Joseph, packs a mean punch when it comes to shading people. Looking at the roast, she is undoubtedly one of our favourites.

The celebrities on stage at the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi had over 5.5m followers on Twitter, so it’s no surprise the Roast trended there. But how did the celebs handle the live audience? Here’s how we rated the roastmasters

Hottest roast: To Gareth Cliff: “You know you are useless in life when you leave a show and no one cries. When you left Idols, no one… Not even Unathi.”
Coldest shade: “I’m the face of McCafe: happy, bright, exciting. And DSTV. You have OLX. Ugly, old, difficult to sell.” Somizi

Post-roast rating: 8/10

Watch Skhumba’s roast below;


Joanne Joseph

Hottest roast: “Somizi, I love you but you were really crap in Sarafina when you tried to play that straight guy.”

Coldest shade: “Joanne, you went from a national TV station to a regional radio station – your career is in reverse. You’re like the Benjamin Button of South African media. What’s next for you? Touch HD?” Gareth Cliff

Post-roast rating: 9/10

Watch Joanne’s roast below; 


Schalk Bezuidenhout

Hottest roast: “I’m very sad that you’re no longer single. The last time I had sex with someone as beautiful as you was when I was f**king Maps Maponyane… You know the guilty smile he has on those Samsung ads? That’s because he exploded harder than the Galaxy Note 7.”

Hottest roast [alternate, safer version]: “Gareth, I don’t understand how there’s so much hatred coming out of your mouth when so many men have put love inside it.”

Coldest shade: “Schalk, you look poor, like you’ve wasted your white privilege… We take one look at you and we know you don’t have the land.” Skhumba

Post-roast rating: 7/10

Watch Schalk’s roast below : 


Nomzamo Mbatha

Hottest roast: To Gareth Cliff: “How does it feel to be back on TV? Don’t get used to it; it’s won’t last very long.”

Coldest shade: “She’s actually done a lot for the LGBTI… No, she has. She’s dated more famous gay men than I have.” Somizi

Post-roast rating: 6/10

DJ Fresh
Hottest roast: “This is probably the biggest audience you’ve had since 5FM; how does it feel? You know, you’ve lost so much relevance that nobody even hates you anymore… The moral of the Gareth Cliff story is, ‘Don’t start a spaza radio…’”
Coldest shade: “Fresh has released 38 albums. Well, since he doesn’t actually produce music like some of us, he’s just released 38 playlists. Fresh, we all like burning mix CDs for our friends, but we don’t call it a career.” Kurt Darren

Post-roast rating: 8/10

Fikile Mbalula

Hottest roast: “Ntsiki, you are living proof that fame has a plus one… Your sister is famous for being the lead singer in Bongo Muffin and you are just an angry muffin.”

Coldest shade: “You are useless… The ANC promoted Bathabile Dlamini. And they demoted you. And you are sober.” Skhumba

Post-roast rating: 8/10

Kurt Darren

Hottest roast: “Somizi, I did some research before I came here. I even read your book. Your book is so thin, I use it as a bookmark when I read the newspaper.”
Coldest shade: “Kurt Darren at the moment doesn’t look like Bruce Jenner before the operation or after the operation. He looks like Bruce Jenner when he was in that halfway-through phase. When you’re not sure if he’s a 50-year old man or a 60-year old lesbian.” Schalk Bezuidenhout

Post-roast rating: 7/10

Watch Kurt’s roast below;


Ntsiki Mazwai

Hottest roast: “DJ Fresh. The Mmusi Maimane of the entertainment industry. I remember when you went to 5FM, you even changed your accent and everything, hey bru?”

Coldest shade: “I went onto your Instagram and it said you were a poet. I read some of your poetry and it said you’re not a poet.” Schalk Bezuidenhout

Post-roast rating: 4/10

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Somizi sets IG alight with engagement ring

SomGaga has finally found the one, and we couldn’t be happier for him. We should have guessed that the media personality was going to share some big news when he published a mysterious tweet last night.

This morning, Somizi took to Instagram to share the news of his engagement to Mohlale. “It’s a Big YESSSSS. it’s a golden ticket,” he captioned a video clip of an eternity band featuring what looks like a total of two to three carats of bling, set in a platinum band.

A post shared by Somizi (@somizi) on

Since they started their courtship, Somizi and Mohlale have wowed us with incredible #CoupleGoals pictures on Instagram. Here are a few of our favourite “SomHlale” moments…

That time the couple visited Mumm Champagne House:

Somizi Mhlongo engagement
Photography: Instagram / @mohlale_77

When they stared off into the sunset:

Somizi engagement
Photography: Instagram / @somizi

When Somizi and Mohlale vacationed in the City of Love:

Somizi engagement
Photography: Instagram / @somizi

We simply can’t wait for the wedding! We’re certain it’s going to be spectacular.

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Somizi speaks out

Television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo says people should stop saying bad things about African culture and call it names.

Somizi was speaking out about reports that some people had called musician Thandiswa Mazwai a ‘witch’ because she burns incense during her performances.

“We need to get to a place where you are proud (of your traditions) and bring light . For some musicians to go to the point of gossiping and saying that someone is a witch and using muti: Who are you bewitching when you are going to use your voice and your body?” he asked on the show he co-hosts with DJ Fresh on Metro FM The Fresh Breakfast.

“My ancestors have an appetite. I can afford to but them food every three months if I want to. Dear black brothers and sisters, it is okay to feed your ancestors whenever you want to,” he added.

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Bonang reveals the real reason why she ended her relationship with Somizi


Ever since best friends media personality Bonang Matheba and entertainer Somizi Mhlongo’s friendship broke up, Bonang has never said anything, until now. The only person between the two who has said anything about their friendship ending is Somizi who said he was surprised the friendship ended because him and Bonang never had an arguement, she just blocked him and ‘iced’ him out.

Bonang reveals that she felt she couldn’t trust Somizi after he became friends with her ex DJ Euphonik, who Bonang alleges he assaulted her.

“It took me a while to eventually leave that relationship, and years after I had, Somizi, who was my friend, suddenly became friends with my ex. The same one whose violence towards me he had witnessed. That’s when I knew he had to go. I couldn’t trust him anymore so I cut him out of my life,” Bonang reveals in her book From A to B.

Even though Bonang is not friends with Somizi she has said that he is good at his job and applauded him many times, like the recent praise she sent him and co-host Tumi Morake on their SAMA 23 hosting.