Celebs In Pics!

The famous were all over the place this festive season and they sure didn’t mind sharing their experiences.

Let’s take a look at what those known faces were up to these past weeks. Some pics are not recent but because we haven’t done this in a while, we gotta take you way back. ?


Tall Ass Mo with uAnga namagwegwe. Mmmmmh

He is just charming

Aaron was in France

Showing them frenchmen that SA men know how to dress too

Lovers…..AKA and his B*

They visited Thailand and clearly had a great time

Nice swimwear right there.

Amanda Du Pont playing around


Andile also made a stop in Japan

Touching the sky…..

Hehehehehe, Atandwa

This pic almost broke Twitter hey. It’s not too recent but it’s worth sharing. Ziright iGirls….Boity and Thando Thabethe.

That body!!!

Boity with her mama.

Carol Tshabalala all over the world as usual

I envy her job.

This woman is living her dream. Bless her!

Clint Brink taking a look at the world from another level

Chilling with his wife Steffi.

Mam’ Daddy looking all fresh

DJ Zinhle celebrated her birthday.

Mr & Mrs Bond.

Mr Bond’s smile….

Kummandi shem.

Judith Sephuma about to ride them horses…

Juju and his wife are so cute….To be honest, I miss the big Juju because this skinny one looks like a school boy.

Ms Khumalo having a good time at the beach


Guess who???

Ms Mbau

Flawless body shem. She is in shape!!

With her bae. Yes they are still very much together.



LKG chilling like a boss

Those legs……Moooer


King Loot


Lucia Mthiyane

…..still got that nice body.

The Masina Twins are baaaaaaack.

The people’s bae…This guy is just lovable without even trying.

Micasa on stage

About to take off….

Minnie and her beautiful self

Rocking body too

Sasha fierce…D.A.M.N

Lol, Dr Musa neh

One my fav pics. Mpho and Yeye looking so cool. I love it

Nadia Nakai is always giving people chest pains

Ndumiso Lindi made a stop in Switzerland to give the Swiss some comedy.

Nolly Meje also celebrated her birthday

Nolo Phiri playing SomG…

Nomzamo neh??

Like…..I can’t shem. I just can’t.

Playing around with her bae

Birthdays were celebrated in style. Pearl Moody clocked 29

She also took a trip to Bali.

Nice life thangs

She is brave

Pearl Thusi and her lil’ girl always take nice pictures

This is beyond nunuz.

Mr Verb is back on the driver’s seat y’all.

He has got his groove back shem. He went to end the New Year in Jamaica with his Liesl.

And they also touched down in Mexico.

The Moseses….We love Love

Your bae….lol

SomG travels in style

Even blankets nje akudlalwa

The beautiful Tango Ncetezo….LEGS!!

Terry Pheto is another one that is living her dream.

Showing them Australians her hotness. Those hips aren’t lying at all.

Live it!!

It’s your life……Y.O.L.O

Thato Molamu also visited France.

Slay us customer….slay us…..

Thembi Seete in Vic Falls Zimbabwe.

Thiwe shared a picture with Mama Felicia. We haven’t seen her in a long time. Thank you Thiwe.

Thuli Phongolo

I repeat: It’s nice to be Tira hey

Touch touched Cape Town.

He also posted a pic with his wife and baby mama. Bosso kemang???

Trevor Noah nomntu wakhe……living it

Trevor Gumbi visited Hawaai

Waaaaaaaaalter Mokoena

Lol, I never esperedit

Mfundi Vudla’s team, Zoe and Vuyo playing on set…


Lol, she’s always pointing.

Too much food for our eyes neh? FEAST!!


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