Disney is making a film about an African Princess

Yes to another black Disney Princess.

So again, it’s 2018 and there’s no excuse in the world good enough to justify many firsts and anothers, when talking about black artists or stories but here we are, still reporting on such.

This time, about another addition to Disney list of princesses who is a black African princess named Sadé. It is based on an original idea by Nigerian writer, Ola Shokunbi and American writer, Lindsey Reed Palmer. Nigerian-American producer Rick Famuyiwa will produce the film.

Sadé makes the second animated film after The Princess and the Frog to have a black female lead but also the first to have an African lead.

Not much information has been revealed at this stage but what we know so far, is that just like King T’challa, Sadé will oversee her kingdom and do everything in her power to protect her people and the place she calls home. With the assist of the kingdom’s prince, combined with her newly found magical powers, she tries to save her kingdom from evil.

According to Deadline, Ugandan-American Executive VP of Production Tendo Nagenda and Manager of Creative Affairs, Zoe Kent are overseeing the project for the studio.

The cast is not known at this stage but we certainly hope to see African artists featured in a film about their continent.

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