Miguel slowly walks us through his erotic-less album

Grammy award-winning songwriter and singer Miguel talks old habits, new album, Detroit movie role and being a man in a world of online dating, racial violence, gun laws, border walls and everything in between.

The African-Mexican-American singer, born Miguel Jontel Pimentel, told British GQ that he resonated with the film, which chronicles the 1967 civil war events that took place in Detroit.

‘It definitely resonated with me in general, I didn’t just become black and Mexican, I definitely felt my share of profiling and being discriminated against. To know that there’s people out there who know, care and highlight it is important and I appreciate it.’

When he was asked about his take as an artist on the Las Vegas shooting and the like, he said the only way to continue is to keep spreading love.

‘We can’t let these fear tactics at whatever level deter us from life, staying positive, pushing forward, being resolved to be unified, to push for solidarity and empathy for one another. I think music is one of the things that does that the best. As an artist and a musician its my job to continue on with the communication.’

His new album, War & Leisure, is a refreshing walk through a socially conscious space in comparison to his previously sex-driven lyrical content (not that we’re complaining because if anyone should make erotic music, Miguel is the guy. Seriously, look at him).

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He said there’s a time and place for everything, that right now eroticism doesn’t feel at all timely.

‘My mind is focused on different energy. How many conversations have you had in the past month? I could count mine on one hand. We’re connected through technology, but it’s just a Band-Aid on a broken bone. I love contrast, so sonically it’ll be my most upbeat album yet.’

‘We all kind of dealing with our own struggles. We all have to wake up and address our own realities and the reality of the world. You have to couple that with the need of staying positive to push forward and trying to thrive in a world that’s ever changing. So, the dichotomy of opposing influences and energies have been in my heart and soul. Somehow they pushed me to make this up-beat album.’

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He allowed us a small glimpse into his new album with three singles out. First, with his favourite single on the album (according to him), ‘Skywalker’, ‘Shockandawe’ and ‘Told You So’.

Listen to the singles below:

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