Thembisa opens up helping the bride on OPW


Safta winning television personality, actress and radio personality Thembisa Mdoda trended this past Sunday after she went beyond the call of duty to assist a distressed bride on Mzansi hit show Our Perfect Wedding.

Speaking about the incident Thembisa said for her it wasn’t something she did for ratings or trending, it was simply because she believes in love and doing what she can to ensure the couple have their perfect wedding.

“Every bride deserves to be happy on one of their biggest days in life. The emotion that people watched last night was real. Everything was going wrong and everyone was emotional, I couldn’t just sit and fold my arms. I operated in auto mode to be honest, I just knew that that bride had to have her perfect wedding and God placed me there so I could help where I could,” Thembisa told TshisaLive.

Thembisa says in all the episodes she and the crew always help where they can.

‘At the end of the day it’s all about celebrating love and we always ensure that we help where we can,” Thembisa added.

Thembisa has been the longest serving host on the show having done over three seasons. She is currently nominated in the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards in the Best Presenter category.

Thembisa and bae headed for their own perfect wedding?

Thembisa Mdoda

SAFTA winning television presenter, actress and radio personality Thembisa Mdoda is really in love and enjoying it. Thembisa who was married to actor Atandwa Kani has been romantically linked to a man she revealed she met on the set of her hit show Our Perfect Wedding for a while now.

Even though Thembisa has never told the world who the man is or shown his face she has opened up about the fact that she is in love and her man treats her well.

Thembisa who has been for a couple of months now spotted wearing what looks like an engagement ring has been mum on the reports that she is engaged and even dodged the question when she was interviewed by her sister Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele a while back.

Thembisa recently took to her Instagram to post a cute picture of her and her man holding hands with the caption; “Out here planning a life”. Could this mean the OPW host could be planning her own perfect wedding? We have no idea, but we just had to share the cute post with you;

I pay my family salaries, says Cassper Nyovest

Rapper Cassper Nyovest whose career career and financial status has skyrocketed over the past couple of years recently reveals that outside of the many other things he pays for in his life, he also pays his family salaries.

Cassper who has always made his love for his family an open secret said he makes sure his family is always well taken care off. “I take care of my family from things as little as airtime to bigger things,” he said on Anele Mdoda’s show Real Talk with Anele.

“They (my family) kinda get salaries, even my mom. They all get nice money to live by,” Cassper explained. Cassper said that even though he gives his family money he never reveals to them who gets what as he feels that will cause arguments within the family.

“I give them enough money so that they are okay, but I also make sure they are not too comfortable so that they don’t stop their own hustle,” he added.

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Toke Makinwa on Bonang


Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa says her friendship with South Africa’s Queen of everything Bonang Matheba has enriched her life in so many ways.

These two inspirational ladies share more than just a resemblance and love of fashion and the finer things in life, they also share a commitment to their careers and are truly hard workers.

Toke told Anele Mdoda during her interview on Real Talk with Anele, that she feels herself and Bonang were “switched at birth”. She sees Bonang as a blessing and from the interview we can tell that they are really good friends.

After saying that they are “twins” Makinwa recalled some sound advice that Queen B gave her when she was having a bad evening.

“There was a night where I was having a bad evening and Bonang said to me: “Toke we need to begin to take stock. It is easy to be caught in the rat race of doing this and that without taking the moment out to really be thankful and appreciative.” Bonang also reminded her that “no one has it perfect” and that “life is just one big coping mechanism for everyone.”

Toke’s view of Bonang shows us that Queen B may just be a celebrity and great personality but she is also great friend.

Anele and Thembisa share their thoughts on Atandwa Kani


Talk show host and radio personality Anele Mdoda says that even though they have had their difference she actually thinks that Atandwa Kani is a good actor.

Speaking about Atandwa in True Love magazine Anele says she actually also wouldn’t mind interviewing him. “I’d interview him on my show though, because he is very talented,” said Anele.

In the interview Anele’s sister Thembisa also spoke of Atandwa and how she didn’t like how he behaved during their split.

“I think he was going through a lot back then, but I’m not going to make excuses for him – I didn’t appreciate how I was treated,” said Thembisa.

Even though she wasn’t happy Thembisa revealed a few weeks ago in an interview with Real Talk with Anele that she and Atandwa are no longer fighting or beefing.

PICTURES: Inside Thembisa’s weekend

Television and radio personality Thembisa Mdoda along with her sisters threw a thanksgiving party for their family this weekend. The party was attended by not only Mdoda family members but some close friends. Thembisa’s Our Perfect Wedding boss Basetsana Kumalo also attended the party. Thembisa who has often spoke highly about Basetsana called Basetsana and her father her heros.

Here’s a look inside the party;

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I will never retire- Abigail Kubeka


For over five decades legendary actress, singer and performer Abigail Kubeka has been in the entertainment industry. Abigail says even though she looks at her career and the decades that have grown through and she feels over worked she will never retire.

“I will never retire, I am actually am enjoying what I do now more than I used to when I was younger,” Abigail told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele.

“I look forward to waking up and going to work. It’s just wonderful. I think it’s God’s gift and love and the inspiration he has given me,” she added.

Abigail currently has a recurring role on SABC 1 soapie Generations and is one of the campaign brand ambassadors for cellphone network Vodacom.