Kanye West explains Jay-Z feud

Kanye West fell out with Jay-Z after his mentor failed to attend his wedding.

The Stronger rapper admitted he was ‘hurt’ when his friend and wife Beyonce failed to join him in Italy in 2014 when he tied the knot with Kim Kardashian West – with whom he has children North, four, Saint, two, and three-month-old Chicago – because the couple are like ‘family’ to him.

Speaking to Charlamagne Tha God on iHeartRadio’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, he said: ‘I was hurt about them not coming to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a wedding.

‘I’m not using this interview to put out any negative things, but I gotta state my truth. You just start coming up with all type of crazy things in your head, like ‘Why?’ ‘

The 40-year-old star insists he is ‘past’ feeling disappointed now, though he was upset at the time, and though the pair are back on speaking terms, Kanye has never directly asked Jay about the snub.

He said: ‘I don’t think I ever asked him that question, directly.’

The ‘Bound 2’ hitmaker also addressed Jay’s track ‘Kill Jay-Z’, from his 2017 album ‘4:44’, in which the Tidal founder slammed Kanye and claimed he ‘gave him 20 million’ when in return he was called out on stage by the rapper in a lengthy rant in 2016.

And Kanye claimed he was left ‘frustrated’ by the lyrics of the track because the money referenced was from a Live Nation touring deal.

He said: ‘That concept that he gave me the money that’s what frustrated me because actually the money he got it from Live Nation. It was a touring deal.

‘But the fact that it was worded that it came from him — I’m a very loyal, emotional artist, person, that made me feel like I owed more than the money itself. It put me in more of a controlled situation. I’m only acting out of love — I don’t need to be controlled, I just need to be inspired and informed.’

The former ‘Watch the Throne’ tourmates haven’t seen one another since their falling out but Kanye said they are ‘good now’.

He added: ‘We’re texting each other. It’s positive energy. I haven’t seen him, but I can feel him.’

Watch the interview below;

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6 Singers you didn’t know could speak Spanish

SpanishThe chart-toppers in music as of late has been riddled with Spanish influence and with that hidden talents have come out of the works – like singers you had no idea could speak Spanish, spitting a whole verse like it was their mother tongue. Now whether they can actually speak the language of passion or not it another question. Whether they’re up for nights rehearsing their lines like a start-out actor or maybe they’ve hired the best spSpanisheacher in town, we’ll never know. From Drake crooning on a bachata beat to Beyoncé’s bilingual bangers, here are some artists you likely didn’t know sang on Spanish records.


Romeo Santos is one of Latin music’s biggest forces and throughout his career has stuck to singing strictly in Spanish. Despite having tons of a crossover appeal and reigning from The Bronx, the dude knows where his strengths lie which is why he got Drake to step into his world and croon in Spanish for 2014’s “Odio.”

[embedded content]


Pharrell gave J Balvin and the reggaeton scene a major co-sign by co-producing and featuring on the slinky ‘Safari’ track, handling the Spanish hook.

[embedded content]

Fifth Harmony

While Harmonizers know Fifth Harmony—who currently boast two Hispanic members with the departed Camilla Cabello also being Latina—have recorded some of their English songs in Spanish, but they made a clear move to the Latin-pop mainstream when they jumped on a track with the Spanish King himself, Pitbull on his track for ‘Por Favor.’

[embedded content]

Justin Bieber

Now that the song was a Top 5 hit worldwide for weeks, you probably do know that Justin Bieber sang in Spanish for the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s mega-hit ‘Despacito.’ We have to admit that Bieber sounds gooood en Español.

[embedded content]


During her B’Day and I Am…Sasha Fierce eras, Beyoncé was very into recording bilingual versions of her tracks. But her most recent venture was when she jumped onto J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’ and if the song wasn’t popular enough when it first dropped you can only imagine how quickly it blew up when Beyoncé decided to jump on board.

[embedded content]

Cardi B

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Trust us we were just as surprised when we came across Miss Bodak Yellow shaking those ever so desirable hips to a sexy Spanish song with Ozuno. Is there anything Cardi B can’t do??

[embedded content]

Little Mix

Little Mix‘s sultry new song with CNCO, “Reggaetón Lento (Remix),” is garnering hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, and for good reason. In an interview, the girls expressed how much they loved learning the Spanish verses and words. “It was just so much fun singing in Spanish,” they said. “We love learning other languages.”

[embedded content]

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Beyoncé tree toppers now exist, so Christmas is saved

Beyonce Grammy Awards

Beyoncé owns land at the top. It’s her home. And I’m not talking about anything specific when I say “the top.” I just mean “the top” — of the charts, of the fashion world, the Super Bowl, the Grammys…you name it. Queen Bey’s natural place is on a diamond-encrusted perch, overlooking her kingdom of fans and followers. The same goes for Hillary Clinton and Serena Williams, too. These three women are so successful, famous, and revered that it’s almost too overwhelming putting their names in one sentence. The shine is just too bright.

So it’s only natural they be at the top of your Christmas trees this year — literally. A brilliant UK-based non-profit organisation named Women to Look Up To decided to add a twist to the normal star and angel Christmas tree-toppers. Now you can decorate your tree with actual stars and IRL angels. And thus Beyoncé, Clinton, and Williams toppers were born. They sell for about R1 500 each, and Women to Look Up To reinvests all of its profits into “furthering female equality,” so your money’s going to a worthwhile cause. Plus, this means Beyoncé will be on top of your Christmas tree! Name something more exciting than that.

Check out the Bey, Clinton, and Williams decorations for yourself, below:

Williams is playing tennis in hers, naturally.

And Clinton’s never looked more regal than with angel wings.

If R1 500 is too steep for you, though, Women to Look Up To also sells card packs with other powerful female faces on them, including Angelina Jolie and Adele. ‘Tis the season to be feminist, am I right?

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Ed Sheeran’s duet with Beyoncé is everything we’d hoped and more

When two music greats come together to make sweet, sweet music, it’s a momentous occasion. Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé both fall into the aforementioned category, but they’ve never collaborated on a track together. Until now. Brace yourselves…

Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé

Yep, an Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé duet is here, with Ed announcing the news on his social media channels yesterday.

The two singers have come together for a duet of Ed’s track Perfect (you know, the one with the music video that gave us all the feels) and it’s as brilliant as we’d hoped.

[embedded content]

Ed’s acoustic tones paired with Beyonce’s gravelly vocals really ARE perfect.

He wrote: “Got Beyoncé to duet with me on Perfect comes out today at 7pm ET / 4pm PT / midnight GMT x” (sic).

Speaking with Channel 4 Radio in the United Arab Emirates last week, Ed first revealed he’d be releasing a duet but never named who it was with.

“I’ve got something dropping next Friday. It’s a really f***ing big deal. And I’ll drop who I’m doing it with next Thursday.”

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The most-liked Instagram photo from 2017 is unsurprising


It’s hard to forget the day when Beyoncé revealed she and Jay Z were expecting twins. Her announcement was truly bonkers — in the best way possible, of course. Queen B decided to break the news on Instagram via an original, fabulous photo shoot. She tossed on a green veil, a brown and blue lingerie set, and posed like a regal goddess surrounded by flowers. It was a moment, to say the least, an iconic photo from arguably the most iconic performer of our time.

The snap went viral. We covered it — several times — and so did literally every other outlet that cares about celebrities. Beyoncé’s name quickly started trending on Twitter. Social media exploded. The memes came in hot. In under an hour, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement morphed into a bona fide pop-culture sensation. We’re still talking about it!

So we’re not exactly surprised that B’s pic is the most-liked Instagram photo from 2017. The social media platform just released the stats today, and Beyoncé’s baby bump debut racked up an impressive 11.18 million likes. The photo of Bey holding her twins, Sir and Rumi, is the fourth most popular pic of the year.

Coming in behind her is the photo Cristiana Ronaldo posted of his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, and his fourth child, who he welcomed on November 12. That photo received an impressive 11.03 million likes. (Ronaldo has two other entries on the list, as well — both family pics.)

Rounding out the top three is Selena Gomez, whose photo revealing her kidney transplant scooped up 10.31 million likes. Again, this story went completely viral — and Selena is the most-followed person on Instagram — so this number shouldn’t shock anyone, either. In fact, five of the top 10 celebrity Instagram photos from this year came from her account. Five!

With these numbers, just imagine if Selena and Beyoncé posed for a photo together. Now that would actually break the Internet.

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Taylor Swift is no longer the highest paid woman in music…

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé
Beyoncé is the highest-paid woman in music this year.

The 36-year-old pop star dropped to second place on Forbes’ annual rankings last year, but regained the top spot this time around with estimated earnings of a staggering R1.47 billion – largely thanks to her successful ‘Formation World Tour’.

Trailing behind her in second is Adele with earnings of R968 million, which she raked in due to her first full tour since 2011.

Taylor Swift – who was the highest-paid woman last year – has slipped down the ranks to third position after pulling in R614 million from June 2016 until June 2017. But she’ll no doubt be in the running for the top-spot next year as her new release ‘Reputation’ is already the best-selling album of 2017, meaning her earnings are set to rise.

Some names are missing from the list – including Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez – but they are expected to be back in the running next year after a successful 12 months.

See the top 10 highest female earners below:

Beyoncé – R1.47 billion
Adele – R968 million
Taylor Swift – R614 million
Celine Dion – R577 million
Jennifer Lopez – R521 million
Dolly Parton – R518 million
Rihanna – R502 million
Britney Spears – R465 million
Katy Perry – R446 million
Barbra Streisand – R409 million

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A new Beyoncé music video is coming, so get in formation


Beyoncé has a habit of jumping back into the music industry when it desperately needs her. After a string of disappointing pop albums by all your faves in 2013 — let’s not talk about Britney Jean — Beyoncé released her surprise, self-titled album and subsequently slayed America. Three years later, after the blissful high from Rihanna’s ANTI wore off, she blessed us with Lemonade. And now, rumour has it she’s doing it again. Right as Taylor Swift decided it was a good idea to start rapping, news breaks that a new Beyoncé music video might be on the way. Get in formation! Ring the alarm! Other Beyoncé lyric reference!

In a new interview with La Presse, acclaimed director Michel Gondry revealed that one of his upcoming projects is a “clip for a Beyoncé song.” Unfortunately for the BeyHive, though, that’s all he said. There’s no word yet on the song’s title, release date, or if it’s a single for a new album. It could easily just be a one-off or track for a movie, like “Check on It.” Sidebar: Remember “Check on it?” The song Bey did for the 2006 Pink Panther remake, which she also starred in? What a time to be alive!

So why haven’t we been blessed with this mysterious Bey project yet, you ask? “[The video] hasn’t been released because she had her twins,” Gondry told La Presse. (Queen B welcomed Sir and Rumi Carter in June 2017.) “But the video is finished and it’s very, very good, I think.”

We don’t even have to see the video to know it’s more than “very, very good.” This is Beyoncé we’re talking about, people. She makes music videos on her downtime just for shits and giggles, and they turn into viral sensations. The visuals on both Beyoncé and Lemonade literally transformed music video-making; this new clip will undoubtedly move the dial forward, again, in some way. Let the countdown — eh? — begin.

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