We are in our feels about Riky Rick leaving music

King Kotini is taking a break from music and we are sad about it. 

Award-winning hip-hop star Riky Rick is taking a break from music. He announced his decision to leave music almost a week ago, saying he is taking time off to find his faith. Riky realized an EP Stay Shining towards the end of 2017, and it was pretty dope. 

‘Friends and fam, I apologize sincerely to everybody who will be affected but I am not in the right place mentally to continue doing shows or anything that involves leaving my children. I am taking time to find my faith before I lose the connection with the people I love the most,’ he said in his announcement on Twitter. 

The Sidlukotini hitmaker stays in Johannesburg with his wife Bianca and their two kids Jordan and Maik.

‘Being a ‘celebrity’ its difficult to tell people I ain’t feeling well. It is difficult to take time away because people expect you to be superhuman. I am not superhuman. I’m just another human being who wants to find some sort of peace and happiness in life. I’m sorry,’ he added in his announcement. 

The news came as a shock to us and we were left in our feels, but a man gotta do, what he has to. 

While we get used to King Kotini being off the circuit, for now, we have put together a playlist of five of our favorite songs from him that remind us of just dope he is. 

Listen to the tracks below; 

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Kanye West is giving his most radical performance yet

Whether by design or accident, there is something strange and new happening as John Legend, T.I., and others enter the conversation.

On Tuesday morning, Kanye West dropped footage of two conversations he’s had over the past month. The first, posted on his website is a short, edited video of the artist in his home, debating T.I. in what, ostensibly, was the conversation that led to the recording of “Ye vs. The People.” The second is an extended interview with Charlamagne Tha God, covering everything from mental health to politics, being forty, and more—a conversation in which the artist reflects on where he is now. In both, Kanye is quietly insightful and brashly ignorant, as wrongheaded as his critics have said and more lucid than he’s given credit for. Kanye West is at a crossroads, and so are we. But even as he sets his image on fire and burns his cred to the ground, Kanye West is doing something radical, unprecedented, and maybe even important.

When discussing Kanye West, it’s necessary to first acknowledge the truth of his celebrity. Kanye West is an artist who rose to fame thanks to escalating displays of provocation and gross narcissism coupled with consistently brilliant and commercially successful music. Kanye West has benefited from a culture of misogyny and succeeded despite never having to reckon with his attitudes towards women. Kanye West has, for years, been the benefactor of a cult of personality willing to overlook or redirect the blame for his every misstep and offense. (We’re as guilty as anyone.)

Since his return to Twitter, West has been flirting with conservative voices and ideas in a manner that comes across as definitively pro-Trump, inciting the ire of the public and sending his progressive peers running to try and course-correct their misguided friend.

Let’s put to bed the idea that Kanye means anything other than what he says. Whenever a celebrity of West’s stature expresses views that don’t line up with those of their fans, there’s always a tendency to suggest there’s some greater scheme at play. It’s the five-dimensional chess Trump supporters on Reddit invoke in favor of a more simple truth: That the man is an idiot. Similarly, it’s likely that Kanye’s publicly expressed views and privately held beliefs are, if not one and the same, then very closely aligned. Kanye West is not a man whose fame came from playing things close to the vest, and he is also a man who is clearly contemplating his vast power and influence and trying to achieve a form of enlightenment through which he can wield it. Unfortunately, as Damon Young writes at VSB, West is endorsing the sort of intellectualism of those who do not read.

“To [West], people like Trump or Candace Owens are free thinkers—mavericks unafraid to challenge the status quo,” writes Young. “But if he’d actually pick up a book (and not just any 48 Laws of Power-ass book, but the right books), he’d be aware of the danger of that type of contrarianism and aware that for people like Trump and Owens, their words aren’t about free thinking. They’re specifically and intentionally tethered to white resentment, which is also often tied to anti-intellectualism. They’re actually the antithesis of free thought. They don’t think. They incite. ”

There is a performative aspect to Kanye’s persona that’s also worth keeping in mind. West is and has always been a provocateur—despite his current good-vibes-and-open-dialog mindset, the man has never known how to wield his celebrity in any other way than carpet bombing the culture, expressing himself in as high-impact a manner as he can manage, because that’s the only way anyone’s ever listened to him, no matter how valid his arguments. Kanye is essentially doing what he always has done: court outrage to advance his career. That he has a new album on the horizon is no accident. Only this time, he’s doing it using his inside voice while stepping across the one line liberal America has drawn in the sand following the election of Trump.

“[West is] happy to play the foil as long as we react to him, whether it’s hate, love, loving the old Kanye, or finding him deeply problematic but mostly tolerable,” wrote our own Chris Gayomali last summer. “You can learn a lot about a person by how they feel about Kanye West.”

But Freethinking Kanye—whether by design or accident or hubris—is the conduit to something we’ve never really seen before, something radical that’s worth observing for what it is: We’re watching famous people of color publicly debate politics, advocate for themselves, and call each other out amongst themselves. He has forced his more progressive peers to articulate their politics explicitly in public forums, forcing them to draw lines around what’s acceptable and what’s not, to reject his galaxy-brain takes and call them out for the disingenuous bullshit that it is. He’s got John Legend on record texting and tweeting about the human cost of Trump’s policies. He has Janelle Monáe talking about how the narratives constructed by so-called freethinkers are used to justify oppression. And yes, T.I., of all people, at a loss for words in a video posted onto kanyewest.com, is saying that there’s “some shit you don’t align with, and some shit you don’t go against.” The staging and optics practically feel Kris Jenner-esque.

Kanye is an artist who taught a generation of marginalized people to find a wellspring of confidence long denied to them, to carry themselves as people with worthwhile things to say, to push against overwhelming cultural forces that would conspire to keep you benched in your own story. And now, in a stunning act of self-immolation, Kanye is teaching that same generation to rise up and speak against their idols, to leave them behind.

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Kanye West explains Jay-Z feud

Kanye West fell out with Jay-Z after his mentor failed to attend his wedding.

The Stronger rapper admitted he was ‘hurt’ when his friend and wife Beyonce failed to join him in Italy in 2014 when he tied the knot with Kim Kardashian West – with whom he has children North, four, Saint, two, and three-month-old Chicago – because the couple are like ‘family’ to him.

Speaking to Charlamagne Tha God on iHeartRadio’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, he said: ‘I was hurt about them not coming to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a wedding.

‘I’m not using this interview to put out any negative things, but I gotta state my truth. You just start coming up with all type of crazy things in your head, like ‘Why?’ ‘

The 40-year-old star insists he is ‘past’ feeling disappointed now, though he was upset at the time, and though the pair are back on speaking terms, Kanye has never directly asked Jay about the snub.

He said: ‘I don’t think I ever asked him that question, directly.’

The ‘Bound 2’ hitmaker also addressed Jay’s track ‘Kill Jay-Z’, from his 2017 album ‘4:44’, in which the Tidal founder slammed Kanye and claimed he ‘gave him 20 million’ when in return he was called out on stage by the rapper in a lengthy rant in 2016.

And Kanye claimed he was left ‘frustrated’ by the lyrics of the track because the money referenced was from a Live Nation touring deal.

He said: ‘That concept that he gave me the money that’s what frustrated me because actually the money he got it from Live Nation. It was a touring deal.

‘But the fact that it was worded that it came from him — I’m a very loyal, emotional artist, person, that made me feel like I owed more than the money itself. It put me in more of a controlled situation. I’m only acting out of love — I don’t need to be controlled, I just need to be inspired and informed.’

The former ‘Watch the Throne’ tourmates haven’t seen one another since their falling out but Kanye said they are ‘good now’.

He added: ‘We’re texting each other. It’s positive energy. I haven’t seen him, but I can feel him.’

Watch the interview below;

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Why Akhumzi Jezile was a big deal

Akhumzi was one of the most talented people in Mzansi entertainment. 

Renowned television personality Akhumzi Jezile died this past weekend, at 29. Jezile’s death sent shock waves throughout social media, as his friends, fans and colleagues expressed their sadness over his death. Jezile passed away in an accident in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. The accident also took the lives of Inxeba actor Thobani Mseleni and former Joyous Celebrations singer Siyasanga Kobese.

Jezile was born in 1989 in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He was a renowned television presenter and producer as well as an actor.

Jezile was one of the most loved personalities in Mzansi, here is why;

Triple thread talent

Whether he was hosting a television or radio show, producing, acting or being an MC, Jezile was always excellent. His brilliant acting is what made him walk away with a SAFTA for best-supporting actor for his role in SABC 1 show Tempy Pushas, in 2015. His was passion evident in all he did, hence many followed his career, all the way from his days as YOTV.

‘He was one of those MCs that was always accommodating to performers to express themselves freely,’ says music legend Arthur Mafokate. 

Consummate professional 

Jezile has been hailed by his peers in the entertainment industry for his professionalism. This is one trait that made them respect him. 

‘He was one of the hardest working dudes in the industry. Always went the extra mile, he was really passionate about what he did. He really cared,’ hip-hop star AKA said on Twitter about Jezile. 

AKA’s mate and fellow rapper DaLES concurred, ‘Akhumzi was very passionate about entertainment it was so admirable to watch. It seemed like he was passionate about everyone.’


Jezile was also loved for his way of encouraging other performers and how he always pushed them on. 

Rapper Gigi Lamanyane took to her Twitter to express how the star had believed in her before anyone else. ‘You started believing when nobody did. This was years ago. I’m super hurt.’

Mr Funny Guy 

If you followed him on social media, this isn’t news to you. Jezile was one of the funniest people around. The videos he posted always left many in chuckles. Since he passed on his friends have been sharing some of their favourite videos of him.  

Watch some of the videos below; 


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Renowned television personality Akhumzi Jezile has died at 29

Akhumzi was a Safta award-winning actor. 

Television presenter, actor and producer Akhumzi Jezile has died. According to reports Akhumzi died in a car crash in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. 

Jezile was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He got into the spotlight in 2007, when he became a presenter on SABC 1’s YOTV. Jezile then went on to become one of Mzansi’s most loved and sought after personalities. 

In 2014, Jezile won a SAFTA for best-supporting actor for his role in SABC 1 series Tempy Pushas. 

Jezile was also a radio presenter for Umhlobo Wenene for a while. 

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Cassper Nyovest’s Ksazobalit video will give you goosebumps

Cassper envisions how we will be when we get back the land.

We didn’t know that it was a trap, so we all fell for it when hip-hop star Cassper Nyovest and actress Pearl Thusi had a go at each other on Twitter. Their twar was based on Cassper supposedly not liking that Pearl was riding horses because according to his tweets horses are for white people. Of course, Pearl hid back at Cassper and a Twar ensued. And it made entertainment headlines. Fast forward two days later, Cassper drops the video for his new single Ksazobalit, and guess who’s riding a horse in the video? You guessed right, Pearl Thusi. The hype around their twar was the publicity the video needed. 

However, frankly speaking as beneficial as that stunt was, Ksazobalit, sells itself. 

Nyovest took on to social commentary on this video as he tackles the land issue. In the video, Nyovest envisioned a world with a black man as a wealthy farmer. Donned in what most of us have known to be the farmers’ attire Cassper does the vhosho, drives tractors, raps and flexes as he goes about his business on his farm. 

An epic visual is the aerial shot of the farm as farm workers in blue overalls dance, its excellent both in the way they dance, but also its insinuation of black people celebrating the ownership of the land. 

Idols judge and television personality Somizi makes a cameo as a truck delivery driver in the video. 

There’s a scene on the video that is almost a replica of a scene in the 2004 hit movie The Cookout when all the gang from the hood come for a braai and the white neighbours look on. It’s hilarious as the white farmer looks on at Nyovest and as his guests have lunch. The look is envious and yet too proud to ask to join. However, because this is a music video, there’s the happy ending of Nyovest inviting the farmer to join them, and he obliges.

Though brief, Thusi’s cameo as she rode in her a horse made Ksazobalit look dreamy and gave us goosebumps. I had hoped for a kind of embrace between Nyovest and Thusi in the video though. 

This is one of Nyovest’s best videos to date in my opinion.  

Watch the video below; 

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Demi Lovato isn’t here for the speculation about her sexuality

Demi Lovato

Last week Twitter had a full-on meltdown when Demi Lovato was spotted holding hands with a woman, DJ-producer Lauren Abedini, in Disneyland. With Lovato’s relationship with UFC fighter Luke Rockhold newly finished, many people think Abedini is her new girlfriend—but that’s only speculation at this point. Lovato hasn’t said anything about Abedini or her specific sexuality—she’s only spoken in generalities—and that’s intentional.

In a new interview with Pride Source, the “Body Say” singer explains why she prefers to keep her sexuality private despite being such an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“I just feel like everyone’s always looking for a headline and they always want their magazine or TV show or whatever to be the one to break what my sexuality is,” Lovato said. “I feel like it’s irrelevant to what my music is all about. I stand up for the things that I believe in and the things that I’m passionate about, but I like to keep my personal life as private as possible when it comes to dating and sexuality and all that stuff just because it has nothing to do with my music. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everyone is trying to get that soundbite and I am purposefully not giving the soundbite.”

That being said, she’s open to discussing her sexuality—on her own terms. Lovato says she answers “a lot of questions” people have about her in her new documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, including some about her sexuality.

Of course, Lovato never has to address this issue if she doesn’t want to. Sexuality is a very fluid and complicated thing, and how people choose to deal with it is private and personal. That doesn’t change for Lovato just because she’s a public figure. It’s none of our business. Her happiness is the only thing that matters.

Lovato’s documentary debuts October 12 on YouTube.

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