This is why Bella Hadid helped her sister down the catwalk last night

Gigi Hadid proved that even a runway pro isn’t immune to a wardrobe malfunction as last night, she stepped out on the Anna Sui catwalk at NYFW donned in a boho-chic outfit complete with a feathered shall, sequinned dress and matching necklace, but with one crucial detail missing. A second shoe.

We’ve all seen those viral videos of models going to near extreme lengths to try to stop themselves falling, including almost literal ankle breaking, but Gigi styled out a different kind of runway mishap in the most adorable way.

As she stepped out onto the runway, her shoe appeared to slip off. Unfazed, Gigi, like a true supermodel Cinderella, handled it like a total pro and carried on down the catwalk as if she was still wearing the shoe, strutting her stuff on her tippy-toes. But during the final walk, her younger sister Bella Hadid was on hand with the ultimate display of sisterly love, supporting Gigi and preventing her from falling.


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SEE: Cassper looking more bae by the day

This morning rapper and hit maker Cassper Nyovest posted an Instagram story showing off his full, well groomed beard. He has been evolving in many ways and is looking more and more bae like every time we see him.

Screenshot: Cassper Nyovest, Instagram

Screenshot: Cassper Nyovest, Instagram

So we all know how Cassper looked when he broke into the industry, right? With his signature braided ponytail, remember those days?
Cassper switched up when he cut the pony and debuted a fresh cut look and the rapper has been changing up each time. The star has just been evolving his ever since.

Here’s the throwback:



Then in October 2016 he attended the MTv MAMA’s in a suit and donning a haircut that didn’t feature his ponytail.

Like a villain

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Shem bhuti Cassper is slaying.

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Can you guess where Ralph Lauren’s AW17 fashion show is taking place?

Ralph Lauren to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award in FashionRalph Lauren will hold his next fashion show in his garage. The 77-year-old fashion designer – who launched his eponymous brand in 1967 when he released a tie collection – has decided to change the venue where the showcase for his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection will take place, and will stage the runway show at his home in Bedford, New York, on September 12.

According to, the creative mastermind will present his latest designs at 7pm, and will not only show off his garments but also his collection of cars, which will act as the backdrop whilst the models grace the catwalk in his creations during the evening.

The see-now buy-now fashion show will also see Ralph reveal the brands Ralph Lauren Purple Label menswear range, as well as the womenswear line, for the first time. The unusual location for the runway show is not all the mogul will be treating his audience to, as he will also host a private formal dinner with certain guests afterwards.

Last year Ralph decided to make his products available to buy to customers as soon as the fashion shows were over last year because he wanted to compete with rival designer brands, including Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger, but also to keep up with the ever-changing fashion business that is being influenced by social media.

Speaking previously about the traditional fashion calendar, and the actions taken to ensure his brand keeps up with the times, he said: “Showing clothes, then delivering them six months later… it’s over. With the Internet, social media… you have to change. See now, buy now gives you the ability to be right there where the action is. We wanted to do this without telling anybody. We think it’s the right thing to do.”

But Ralph isn’t fazed by the huge change to his business model because he has always been open to adapting and evolving. He told “I’ve always looked at the business as an evolution. We’re never standing still, and we’re never chasing anyone. Everything is a new chapter. I’ve been through it before, when nothing moves. When everything is available, how do you do specialness? How do you create magic?”

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The lady behind OPW



Our Perfect wedding has become a must watch in South African households. Partly for the weddings themselves but mostly for the beloved presenter of the show Thembisa Mdoda and her beautiful outfits.

The woman behind Thembisa’s OPW slay is Itumeleng Dibatane. Itumeleng has an extensive resume that funny enough has nothing to do with fashion or styling. Itumeleng recently opened up about her journey and more to True Love Magazine.

She worked in corporate for a long time and was involved in the inception of Vuzu.

“I started off in Events/PR at CHANNEL O in 2009, leading up to the launch of the Vuzu channel where I formed part of the channel’s ambassadors. I moved onto to a corporate events company for about over a year, got bored and ended up at DStv Media Sales Africa, where I worked as an account executive and later on a channel specialist for the Africa department.” She told True Love.

Strangely enough Itumeleng’s love for fashion stemmed from her pregnancy. She started enjoying to dress herself up when she was pregnant because she wanted to look her best.

“I was never ever fashionable growing up… During my pregnancy in 2012 is when my love for fashion happened to me. I felt like I needed to look 10 times better than everyone else because I was carrying life.”

From CHANNEL O to Media sales at DSTV Africa, she then started her clothing line. Her clothes are inspired by a vintage look and accredits it to the fact that she’s an 80’s baby. She started her job as Thembisa’s stylist on the show because they were friends and Mzansi Magic thought they’d work well together.

“I started my project with styling Thembisa towards the end of her last season before the break. I’ve known Thembisa for years now and we were friends before we started working together. The channel also knew my work and thought we could work perfectly together”

Seems the channel was right to take her on as Thembisa’s stylist because they really work well together. Mzansi’s favorite presenter always looks great and now we know who to credit alongside Thembisa.

Here are a few looks that Itumeleng styled:

DRUM Style Star: Linda Mtoba


Isibaya actress Linda Mtoba who is actually a former teacher and left the profession to pursue acting and other things. She has a great sense of style and over the years her style has evolved beautifully.

Here’s a look at why she is our Drum style star this week:

Walk it out…

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Joan Smalls is launching a sexy swimwear collection!

Joan SmallsJoan Smalls is set to launch her debut swimwear range for Smart & Sexy next year. The 28-year-old model has joined forces with the fashion house to launch her first ever beachwear and clothing range with the label, which will be available to buy in Walmart stores in the Spring of 2018.

However, this is not the first time the catwalk icon has teamed up with the company, as she is already the face of the brand and appears in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaigns.

Joan has revealed she decided to team up with the brand because she “loves” everything they stand for, as they for women of all body shapes and sizes, and their garments are sold at an “affordable” price.

Speaking about her latest venture to Business of Fashion Online, she said: “I fell in love with the brand and the fact that they cater to women of all sizes at affordable pricing.”

Joan has revealed her collection was a collaborative effort between her and the brand’s founder Ariela Balk, and the brunette beauty is “super excited” for the big unveil in 2018. She explained: “When it comes to design, we agree in many aspects and we both are super excited about the collaboration.”

And Joan – who has graced the runway for the lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret 2011 – has been praised for having a “great eye” for fashion, and a good knowledge of what garments suit the female form.

Balk said: “She has a great eye for fashion. She understands that you have to make women of all shapes look beautiful. She also shares that philosophy that you don’t just make an item because it was on the runway and it’s the trend item of the moment. In some ways, our brand has been the best-kept secret.”

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Can you guess who Gigi’s style inspiration is? (Hint: she’s ours too!)

Gigi HadidRihanna makes Gigi Hadid “excited” to get dressed every day. The 22-year-old model has praised the ‘Work’ hitmaker for having a great fashion sense and although the blonde-haired beauty doesn’t think she could “pull off” the outfits the 29-year-old singer wears, they do inspire her to be inventive with her outfit the following day.

Speaking about her style icon, Gigi said: “So many people. I mean, Rihanna, like every day. I can’t say that I could pull off the same things that Rihanna could, but she makes me excited about getting dressed the next day, I feel like, which is inspiring.”

And the catwalk icon has revealed the best fashion advice she has ever received was from the former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, who advised her to opt for a minimalist approach if she doesn’t know what to wear for an event.

Gigi explained: “Carine Roitfeld once told me, ‘If you don’t know what to wear to a party, wear jeans, a T-shirt, and heels, [and] call it a night,’ It’s made a lot of my nights easier.”

Meanwhile, Gigi – who is currently dating former One Direction band member Zayn Malik – has admitted she has become a lot less “trustworthy” of people and social media as she has matured and her career has developed.

She explained: “I’ve kind of learned where people start to take advantage of things. Because in the very beginning, I was a lot more trustworthy of things, and I feel like I was a lot more freely able to post.

“You kind of learn that there has to be a difference between how private you want to be and how private people force you to be. So I try and be as open as I can without revealing too much of a certain situation, but you kind of just have to take it depending on the post and depending where you are.”

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