DETAILS: What we know about Mary Makgatho’s passing

Pic: Via Instagram

Pic: Via Instagram

DRUM broke the news earlier that veteran actress Mary Makgatho has passed on. The actress who starred in popular shows such as Generations, Yizo Yizo, Rhythm City and’s eKasi: Our Stories.

The much loved Mary has left a hole in many people’s hearts.

Here’s what we know so far about her passing, according to sources close to her;

  • Mary was turning 52 in a few days time.
  • She passed away in a hospital in Pretoria
  • She passed away from a head injury. According to Mary’s casting manager Carlynn de Waal-Smit who spoke to Tshisa Live, she went into a coma after falling at home and never regained consciousness.
  • Mary’s fall happened on the 6th of July this year.
  • Mary passed away in the early hours of the morning.

Mary had just recently appeared on our screens on Sonia Mbele’s movie Meet The Radebe’s.

Sources: Tshisa Live

DETAILS: We won’t be cancelling Generations- SABC


Late last week the SABC announced that after complaints to the BCCSA by some of it’s viewers they will not be showing certain recent episodes in the weekend Omnibus. The news made some of the shows fans think the show will be actually be cancelled, SABC has assured that that is not the case. The broadcaster will look into the complaints and meet with the show’s producers but they are not cancelling the soapie.

“We won’t be cancelling Generations. It will resume as normal until we have made a decision,” said SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyag told TshisaLive.

Kganyago added that they have heard the viewers complaints and they will do what they can about it.

“We have noted the complaints that were laid with both us and the BCCSA. We decided to not air the episodes from last week because some of them were the episodes which we received the complaints about and we wanted to show that we take those complaints seriously.

“Naturally we are concerned by the complaints but we will engage with the BCCSA to understand the complaints and also with the producers to understand the reasons for the storyline. We want to get the whole picture before we make any decisions about the show,” Kaizer added.

The recent storyline that made viewers uneasy involves some sexual scenes most people found offending.

Generations star Candice Modiselle on acting, love and her sister Bontle’s recent engagement


She is the youngest of three girls and yet actress Candice Modiselle’s demeanor doesn’t show any signs of being the ‘spoilt one’ as last borns are mostly seen. She chats to DRUM about her life, education, her sisters Refilwe and Bontle, what she can’t live without and rapper Priddy Ugly asking his sister’s hand in marriage.

So the thing on most people’s minds right now is the engagement between your sister Bontle and her man Priddy Ugly, what was your reaction to it? Were you as surprised as Bontle? 

I’ve always been a huge advocate of young black love, a narrative we don’t see or celebrate often enough. I’m so blessed to be a witness of Bontle and Richardo’s growth from strength to strength. Admirable is an understatement. I appreciate their love and wish them nothing shy of God’s blessings on their union.

For those who don’t know, tell us who is Candice Modeselle?

First and foremost, Tumelo Candice Modiselle is a God-fearing lover of life, daughter, sister, passionate all-round artist and entertainer, Wits Honours Graduate in Dramatic Arts (a humble brag), a junior lecturer, aspiring arts activist and storyteller.

What are three things that you enjoy doing apart from “work”; the acting, choreographing and presenting?

Outside of my craft and if I’m not in studio or on set, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family who I consider to be my closest friends. Secondly, I’ve fallen deeply in love with teaching, which I do at the OnCue Interface School of Television and Radio. Lastly, theatre is my first love, so being able to occasionally indulge in a good theatre production with great company and good food, is one of my favourite pastimes.

Your sisters Refilwe (model, TV presenter, & actress) and Bontle Modeselle (dancer, TV presenter and actress) are also in the entertainment industry. Is that something you all maybe planned on growing up?

We have all always been entertainers by nature, however it was never part of the plan to venture into the entertainment industry. Refilwe and Bontle were both initially in the corporate world, having attained qualifications in Advertising and Corporate Communications respectively. We’ve all been called to the craft as God has willed and have found our individual passions and purposes. They just so happen to be aligned.

You’re all actresses, how was it growing up with them?

Growing up with a family as loving and entertaining as mine has been such a profound blessing. I still attribute many of our qualities to my gorgeous mother who in many ways is the life of the party. We lost my father in 1997 and from that moment, an incredible bond was created between us all. While most people would expect claws flying and petty fights (naturally, there are occasional disagreements as no family is perfect) the Modiselle household has always been a ball of great energy, good laughs, passion, consistent support and pure love.

You recently graduated from Wits with your Honours in Dramatic Arts, and started acting on Generations, not forgetting the presenter gig at YoTv, how does that feel, achieving all these things is the short space of time?

Many people would assume that a lot of my opportunities came easily, being on 2 huge platforms fresh out of university. It all comes down to genuine hard work, prayer and a positive mindset. For five years I had auditioned for many platforms, I had heard more “no” more than I had anything else. At some point I thought of switching careers completely and venturing into business, until it dawned on me that God’s delay is not a denial. There were storms of rejection and right here, right now feels like the rainbow working towards my pot of gold. I’m reaping the rewards for my patience. It’s so fulfilling to know that when it’s your season, no man can close the doors God has opened for you.

You’ve done movies, choreographed some theatre productions, what else do you would you like to get into?

As I’ve mentioned, teaching is a new found love of mine and I intend of broadening my horizons in that space. I love working with young talent and would love nothing more than being a vessel that assists in growing their skill and honing their craft. I would still love to produce more theatre and screen productions, write more, perform in my own work, grow as a presenter, host, speaker and actress.

What are three things can you not live without?

I can’t live without my family, food and music.

Generations star opens up about the politics of entertainment industry


Generations: The Legacy star Duma Mnqobi who dropped out of a Bachelor of Science degree to pursue his passion in acting says that being in the industry and making it has been hard because of the industry politics.

Duma plays Bafana son of Jack Mabaso played by actor Vusi Kunene on the show. Duma who has been in entertainment for over a decade says, as much as he has gotten bigger gigs along the way, some things in the industry like politics don’t change.

“I always say to people breaking into the entertainment industry may be difficult, but staying in it is much harder. The politics of the entertainment industry have not changed in the 13 years that I have been in it,” Dumi told Move magazine.

Catch Duma every weekday on Generations on SABC 1 at 8pm

REVEALED: Picture and name of actress shot earlier in Randburg


Earlier today we reported that an actress was shot in Randburg and had to be rushed to the hospital. At the time of the reports the actresses name had not been revealed but now DRUM can confirm that the actress who was shot is Celia Kriel who has appeared in small cameo roles in soapies Generations and 7de Laan.

Celia(pictured below) is said to be a critical but stable condition in hospital after she was shot by the intruders in the early hours of this morning.


I will never retire- Abigail Kubeka


For over five decades legendary actress, singer and performer Abigail Kubeka has been in the entertainment industry. Abigail says even though she looks at her career and the decades that have grown through and she feels over worked she will never retire.

“I will never retire, I am actually am enjoying what I do now more than I used to when I was younger,” Abigail told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele.

“I look forward to waking up and going to work. It’s just wonderful. I think it’s God’s gift and love and the inspiration he has given me,” she added.

Abigail currently has a recurring role on SABC 1 soapie Generations and is one of the campaign brand ambassadors for cellphone network Vodacom.

Anga reveals what suffers in his life

Singer and actor Anga ‘NaakMusiQ’ Makubalo says as much as he is supper grateful for his career and how it has grown over the past few years, there are aspects of his life that suffer due to his demanding career. Speaking to DJ Fresh on The Fresh Breakfast show Anga revealed that the people who are neglected the most are his family, particularly his mother and grandmother.

“I sometimes go for long periods of times without seeing them and it can be a bit frustrating,” he opened up on the show.

“I neglect them most times but when I get a chance I actively have to create opportunities to see my mom and my gran. If for example I have a flight at 12pm, I will wake up early and get to them like at 8 am and spend time before travelling,” he explained.

Anga’s music career is doing very well and he performs at sold out venues and club every week. He says that even though he does perform in clubs he is not a clubber.

“I rarely go to clubs when I am not working. When I am off I just take that time to be at home and rest,” the star said.

Anga also stars in SABC 3 soapie Isidingo and Mzansi Magic series Igazi.

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