Meet Lee-ché Janecke

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If you were to hear his name maybe you would not know who we’re talking about but if you were to see him ‘whacking and Voguing’ you would definitely know who were going on about. Although when one mentions Vintage Cru I am sure you recall the Voguing, ponytails and floor drops in their dance routines.

Lee-ché Janecke has become a well-known and well sought after dancer/choreographer and has made himself a name in the entertainment industry.

From the humble beginnings of dancing as a child and not taking the craft very seriously, dance became Lee- ché’s career. He started out at a very “silly” gig as he recalls it but it paved the way for his now blossoming career as an entertainer.

“Well, my actual dancing career started in the year 2010 when I got my 1st gig. A silly gig might I add, but it was the hunger to be onstage that kept me motivated and I was getting a bit of money from it.”

Did you ever think at the beginning of everything that you’d be this big dancer/choreographer that’s well sought after?

That’s the craziest part about all of this, I just never knew that this would be the outcome and also not at this young age. I was doing it because I enjoyed it and when it became my career I had to make it that prominent that I could live off it.
I always say I never knew when my breakthrough was but GOD has directed me on his perfect path and everything that is happening to my life right now is as a result of him.

Vintage Cru, can you tell us how the dance crew came to be?

Vintage Cru was founded by Ashwin Bosman and I in 2011.A conversation sparked up between us on Facebook, in that year, both of us had come from dance crews and just felt like we were not comfortable in them anymore. We created an all-male waacking and vogue oriented group because those were dance styles that were not prominent in SA at the time. We enlisted more people and added elements of fashion and imagery in visuals that made our dance crew or as we called it ‘Haus’ an entirely new part of popular culture, which is now internationally sought after.
How did you feel when Vintage cru was receiving recognition and becoming a household name?

It never mattered to me. I was aware that people were recognizing us, but my ultimate goal for Vintage Cru was not to fall into the trap of becoming content, because that comes as a result of too much attention. I wanted longevity, icon status, and a legacy that would speak volumes even beyond our existence on this planet. Hence, the name Vintage. I just needed us to remain grounded and humble and allow the natural flow of our work to do the talking.

It has been years since the inception of V.C., are the original members still a part of the crew?

The original members who remain as part of Vintage Cru at the moment are myself, Sikelela Nomvete and Tarryn Alberts.
The rest left for a variety of reasons. Some changed careers and others just didn’t add any value to the brand anymore. Fights, emotions and turmoil like any group element can cause a rift but that’s life and how it goes.

When V.C. was gaining recognition and appearing on TV, you had a different, unconventional style that made you different. Did you as a crew face any negative commentary or criticism for it?

Our image played a very important part in our brand getting recognition worldwide. We pushed boundaries, we did a lot of things that challenged the status quota, that left people uncomfortable, left people gasping but that was what we wanted. We wanted to get the topic going. We wanted people to see a different point of view. As a result of our carefree nature we did face major criticism from all avenues but we pushed through. We got assaulted at Bree taxi rank not only because of homophobia but it was our clothing that played a part in that. We were unorthodox to a regular citizen.

What’s on the cards for Vintage Cru?

Vintage crew has branched off into music. We’ve always wanted to do visuals with our own music, our own choreography and own styling. Soon you’ll get to see some stuff. Haha! You know how we are.

What’s next for Lee- ché?

Lee-ché is enjoying life so much right now. I’m doing what I love and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
I’ve started my own company, HOV Productions. HOV houses over 50 dancers whom I provide to clients, agencies, shows, advertisements, music videos, magazines, corporates, etc., this in turn allows me to introduce elements of styling, consultations for artists, video directing, photography and things that I am already passionate about all under one hub. I’m quiet about what I do and just allow people to be amazed when they see my work, so with that said I am excited for the things I’m not aware of.
For now, my company is my biggest focus.

Please tell us five things we’d be surprised to know about Lee-ché

  • I was a nerd.
  • I am the sweetest guy you’ll meet, not a dragon.
  • I have pretty feet contrary to popular tales about dancers.
  • I hate compliments.
  • I have a fear of heights.
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PICTURES: Inside Dumi Masilela’s memorial

Actor Dumi Masilela who died a week ago is being honored at the Hope Restored Church in Johannesburg today.

Friends and family are gathered to honor the star who died after being shot in a hijacking.

Here’s a look into his memorial.

Pics via TshisaLive and The Juice;













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In his own words… Tsekeleke

Tsekele use

DRUM magazine got a chance to interview the late Anthony Motaung well known to many as Tsekeleke and Fatty Boom Boom in 2015. In honor of his passing we revisit this interview with the 49 year old star who passed away from diabetes complications.

You went from a superstar performing on massive stages to being a cleaner at a butchery. How did that happen?

I was working to feed my family. In fact, I was managing the shisa nyama − not because I was desperate, I was doing it for a friend and I loved it there. It also helped that I got paid to do that. I was there from 2009 to 2011.

Are you saying you weren’t down and out at that time?

No, I wasn’t at all. I last released music in 2008. From then I worked on a couple of short films with [musician and producer] Sello “Chicco” Twala that made me money. I also started the Tsekeleke Driving School in 2012. It’s based in Vosloorus and that’s how I made a living away from music.

You were famous for saying you ate two chickens a day. Is that still the case?

No, it isn’t. I’m now trying to eat less and be much healthier. I’m even going to gym. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Have you lost any weight since you started gym?

Yes, about 15 kg since 2009. It’s a work in progress.

Have you ever been discriminated against or felt uncomfortable about your weight?

Sometimes people have stared at me, and initially when I got into the music industry it felt uncomfortable, but not any more. I’m now so chilled about it. I’ve always felt okay with my weight. It’s only when I get tired that I feel uncomfortable. But because I’m very flexible and active, I don’t pay much attention to it.

You separated from your second wife about two years ago. How are you dealing with the divorce?

I’m coping. We were married for three years but things didn’t work out so we decided to go our separate ways. It was an amicable split. We didn’t have any children so it made the split less lengthy.

Do you have any children?

Yes, I do. I have a 19-year-old boy, called Tumelo, from my first marriage. He stays with his mother, but I’m involved in his life and make sure we spend time together. I think it’s important for men to play their roles as fathers no matter what happens between you and the mother.

So after two divorces, do you think you’ll marry again?

Yes, but definitely not now. At the moment I’m single and concentrating on music, my business and my son.

Your new single, Gudluza Umuntu, is doing well. When is your new album coming?

Later this year. My music is still the hardcore kwaito that people have always loved, but with an urban twist. I feature Baby J, Mzekezeke and Square for Hire. I’m back to rule the kwaito charts!

By Molife Kumona

Thembisa steals our hearts again

Thembisa Mdoda

We have always known that SAFTA award winning presenter, Thembisa Mdoda is an amazing presenter on Mzansi Magic’s hit show Our Perfect Wedding.  However yesterday was possibly one of the most touching episodes we’veseen her in.

Thembisa moved from just being a host and came through for last night’s distressed bride. This just moved the hearts of the shows fans.

Here’s how they responded:

An angel by the name of @tembisa saved the bride’s dress, and saved the day. Crisis averted! #OurPerfectWedding

Out & about with Pearl Thusi


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ICYMI: social media slams Bonang’s bestseller

Image: Bonang Matheba/Instagram

Image: Bonang Matheba/Instagram

Last night Bonang Matheba’s ‘From A to B’ was officially launched at the Diamond Walk in Sandton — and it’s already flying off the shelves.

But those who have delved into the new author’s work have some questions…

One user took to Twitter to post photos of pages from the book, which show numerous grammatical errors and typos.

This started a chain reaction, with more readers coming forward to point out the glaring errors in the tome. From dodgy sentence structure to an incorrect birth date, readers left no page unturned.

Fans of the media personality said they blame the publishing company for the very clear mistakes in the book.
Bonang is yet to comment on the situation.

Source: YOU

7 times Dumi and Simphiwe inspired us with their love

Dumi - Copy

Actor and singer Dumi who passed away yesterday and his wife, Simphiwe gave us all kinds of relationship goals when they were together. The couple recently got married in May after being together for a couple of years.

Here are a few pictures of their love: