Selena Gomez makes her Instagram private after Billboard interview

With 130 million followers, Selena Gomez holds the title of the most popular Instagram in the world, but that didn’t stop her from making her account private yesterday.

Selena Gomez

The 25-year-old singer posted an Instagram Story shortly earlier to explain how upset she was with the outcome of an interview with a Billboard reporter.

The journalist had been invited into Selena’s home and published a conversation about a teddy bear which was a gift from a fan.

“There’s a five-foot teddy bear sprawled across the kitchen floor in Selena Gomez’s North Hollywood home,” she wrote. “‘I know, I know,’ says Gomez, rolling her eyes, acknowledging that the stuffed animal doesn’t quite blend with the trio of armchairs nestled in the inviting, marble-accented nook. ‘It was a gift, and at first I thought, ‘This is so ridiculous, I can’t wait until I give it away to another person.’’ But Gomez, 25, hasn’t let go of it – yet.”

Selena took a screenshot of the article, writing: “Never will I let another human guess my words ever again. Or invite them in my home. That is so hurtful. The most ‘ridiculous’ part of that is no one knowing my heart when I say things.”

The feature was published last week to honour Selena as Billboard‘s Woman of the Year. She shared a picture to thank them, presumably before reading the full article…

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The most-liked Instagram photo from 2017 is unsurprising


It’s hard to forget the day when Beyoncé revealed she and Jay Z were expecting twins. Her announcement was truly bonkers — in the best way possible, of course. Queen B decided to break the news on Instagram via an original, fabulous photo shoot. She tossed on a green veil, a brown and blue lingerie set, and posed like a regal goddess surrounded by flowers. It was a moment, to say the least, an iconic photo from arguably the most iconic performer of our time.

The snap went viral. We covered it — several times — and so did literally every other outlet that cares about celebrities. Beyoncé’s name quickly started trending on Twitter. Social media exploded. The memes came in hot. In under an hour, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement morphed into a bona fide pop-culture sensation. We’re still talking about it!

So we’re not exactly surprised that B’s pic is the most-liked Instagram photo from 2017. The social media platform just released the stats today, and Beyoncé’s baby bump debut racked up an impressive 11.18 million likes. The photo of Bey holding her twins, Sir and Rumi, is the fourth most popular pic of the year.

Coming in behind her is the photo Cristiana Ronaldo posted of his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, and his fourth child, who he welcomed on November 12. That photo received an impressive 11.03 million likes. (Ronaldo has two other entries on the list, as well — both family pics.)

Rounding out the top three is Selena Gomez, whose photo revealing her kidney transplant scooped up 10.31 million likes. Again, this story went completely viral — and Selena is the most-followed person on Instagram — so this number shouldn’t shock anyone, either. In fact, five of the top 10 celebrity Instagram photos from this year came from her account. Five!

With these numbers, just imagine if Selena and Beyoncé posed for a photo together. Now that would actually break the Internet.

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Blake Lively just hilariously trolled Ryan Reynolds for his birthday

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Much fuss is made over Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ seemingly perfect marriage, and for good reason: They’re absolutely hilarious together. Sure, they have their serious moments — like the time Ryan praised Blake for making him “a more empathetic person” — but the two are best when they’re trolling each other.

Take, for example, the time Blake called Ryan out for blocking her photo of John Legend. There’s also the musical prank Ryan played on Blake while she was giving birth to their first daughter, James. (So rude, by the way!) And we can’t forget the GIF Ryan tweeted of Blake that compared their first date to her shark movie, The Shallows.

One of the couple’s funniest moments, though, happened this summer, when Ryan posted on Instagram to honour Blake on her birthday. There was just one problem: He cropped half of her face out of the photo.

Well, it seems Blake has taken the strategy of “don’t get mad, get even” to heart. Here’s what she posted yesterday on Instagram to celebrate Ryan’s birthday:

She followed that slick move with this tweet:

Well done, Blake, well done. Ryan, meanwhile, had his own birthday jokes to share on Twitter, writing, “My kids tried to surprise me for my birthday this morning. I totally heard them coming and snuck out to start a new life somewhere else.”

But don’t worry about this tweet offending Blake — in fact, his sense of humour is one of the many reasons why she loves her husband. “He’ll run [his tweets] by me sometimes just to make me laugh. But oh, I’m so in love with him when he writes that stuff. I mean, I’m in love with him most of the time, but especially with that,” she said earlier this year. “I treat him like my girlfriend. I’m like, ‘Hey, this happened. It upset me. This is how I feel. What do I do?’ And he does the same for me. He treats me like his best buddy.”

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This birthday photo is proof that North West is Kim Kardashian’s doppelgänger

Kim Kardashian and North West
For Kim Kardashian‘s birthday, Kris Jenner posted a throwback photo of herself with Kim on Instagram. She left a sweet message calling Kim “the most loving mommy and wife, incredible businesswoman, and loyal friend,” but what commenters can’t get over is how much Kim looks like North in the photo. People left comments like “Oh hello North” and “North looks just like you when you were little.”

Kim and North’s resemblance is also clear in current photos of them. A series of snaps posted by Kim last year show North working the filters just like her mom. She’s even been seen in the same style of dress Kim likes to wear.

North’s resemblance to her mom goes beyond the surface. She shares her parents’ “passion for fashion,” as Kim wrote on Twitter, even designing her own clothes. Kim has called her daughter “my mini me,” and it’s easy to see why.

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Selena Gomez proves she’s the best big sister with this sweet Instagram

We know Selena Gomez as an amazing actress, singer, style icon, designer, friend, and girlfriend — but it seems we also need to add “incredible big sister” to her list of many talents.

Last night, the singer shared an Instagram video with her 4-year-old sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey. The two are sitting by the ocean deep in conversation when Gracie says, “I’m not scared.” Selena responds by saying, “Because you are fearless, right? You’re not scared of anything, right?” Then the two share a high five.

Selena captioned her video with this sweet message: “I will forever let my sister know she is strong, bold, and beautiful. She will be raised to know her voice matters. She is going to understand the importance behind being a leader and inspire others by her truth.”

Selena certainly knows a thing or two about being fearless and inspiring people with her honesty. The ‘Bad liar’ singer underwent a recent kidney transplant and chemotherapy a few years ago to aid her ongoing battle with Lupus. She’s also a big mental health advocate and takes her job as a role model for millions of young girls seriously.

And though Gracie might be the only one lucky enough to get to call Selena Gomez her big sister, we can all take Sel’s advice to heart — especially considering the thousands of women, in Hollywood and beyond, who have been coming forward this week with their stories of sexual harassment and assault.

See her Instagram, below:

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Sofia Richie and Scott Disick may finally be Instagram-official

Sofia Richie
Photography: Twitter/@PopCrave

If Instagram-official is the new Facebook-official, Sofia Richie and Scott Disick may have just taken a major step together.

On October 2, the model posted a photo with Scott while the two were on vacation. Rocking a white tank, baggy black pants, a black fanny pack, and pink Gucci loafers, Sofia looked equal parts casual and on trend. While the duo have had matching moments in the past, Scott opted for a white tee and leaf-printed shorts. They finished off their looks with black shades and a view that would make anyone want to pack their bags ASAP. (JustJared reports that the two are currently vacationing in Mexico.)

Fans immediately jumped in on the photo’s comments section to sound off. For context, an Instagram Sofia shared of he dad, music icon Lionel Richie, amassed a little over 120 comments in about a day. At press time, her Instagram with Scott racked up at least 1,300 comments in roughly 30 minutes.

While sources have said that Sofia and Scott are reportedly “inseparable,” this is one of the few times either one of them has addressed the time they’ve spent together on social media. In September, both celebs posted photos to their Instagram stories that seemed to confirm something was up. But traditional Instagrams are slightly more permanent than the app’s Stories feature. Still, we won’t know for sure until Sofia or Scott confirm or deny the dating rumors straight up.


A post shared by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

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Selena Gomez’s Instagram is down after hackers posted nude photos of Justin Bieber

Selena GomezIf you try to access Selena Gomez’s Instagram page right now, you’ll receive an error message that says her profile “isn’t available.” That’s because somebody — most likely, a troll or trolls — have apparently hacked into her account. As a result, everything from the pop singer’s page has now been wiped clean. It’s like what Taylor Swift did to her account two weeks ago, except not on purpose and for a very unfortunate reason.

The hacker’s identity at this time is still unknown, though some screenshots offer some clues. Whoever is responsible for this uploaded three nude photos of Justin Bieber to Selena’s account — which we won’t include here for reasons that should be obvious — and instructions to follow three random accounts. It’s likely those accounts belong to the hackers. That’s not all: Selena’s account was listed as “islah gomez,” which matches one of the handles the hackers told people to follow.

See a screenshot, below:

It’s unfortunate but not surprising that Selena would be a target for hackers. After all, the singer is the most popular person on Instagram, with over 125 million followers.

Hopefully, Selena will be back in control of her account soon. This story is currently developing; we’ll update this post with more information as it comes in.

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