Lerato Kganyago shares her first world problems



Media personality Lerato Kganyago is having what some would call privileged or first world problems. The personality took to her social media in a post that is deleted to share how much she doesn’t like partying ways with her money.

“Every time I part with more than 10K even for bags and shoes I’m like this,” she said referring to her picture which has since been deleted.

Fans responded in her comments with sarcastic responses to her “first world problems” by saying they too feel terrible when just parting with a R100.

Lerato also recently revealed that she spent quite a bit on furniture for her house.

I have cellulite and that is okay- Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago

Media personality Lerato Kganyago says she has finally won over her battles with her body. She doesn’t mind if her body isn’t perfect because she is cool with it.

Speaking on The Fresh Breakfast Lerato revealed that there was a time in her life when she used to have some body issues. “Initially in my 20s, I think mid-20s I started taking medication to pick up more weight because I was really really skinny, and I wanted to have hips and a little bit of a behind. And it wasn’t happening. Then in my late 20, I started picking up weight and I was happy but then I started picking up too much weight, then I wasn’t happy,” Lerato said on the show.

Lerato says over the years she has let go of having a perfect body and started accepting her frame the way it is. “I am comfortable with the fact that I am not the skinny Lerato anymore, I have cellulite, I have dimples, and that is okay. I’ve got an African body, which is normal,” Lerato added.

Lerato is currently a host on The Bridge on Metro FM and hosts SABC 1 hit live music show Live.

This might just be Lerato Kganyago’s spiciest response ever

Image: Lerato Kganyago, Instagram

Image: Lerato Kganyago, Instagram

If you are on social media, and particularly Twitter you know how media personality Lerato Kganyago is quick to put trolls in their place. Lerato won’t let people bully her on social media, she usually hits back at them and most times the people just get dumbfounded and end up silent.

Of all the times we have seen Lerato’s tweets that ‘hit’ back at haters we think her recent one to a Twitter user was one of her most spiciest ever.

So, here’s how it all began…

Lerato tweeted a happy birthday message to her friend and former Metro FM drive time show host Moflava saying; “Happy Birthday i want to say I love and miss you but the way your BIG head is set up, i won’t  Have a great day my friend.”

After Lerato’s tweet DJ Euphonik replied to her throwing shade saying; “#ThingsYouCouldHaveSmsed but the way your hunger for like is set up.”

Lerato then responded to Euphonik saying; “Of course! This has to be about you now! So now we don’t wish people well on Twitter? Your fake self would think that.”

As always Euphonik didn’t let it be, he cameback with more shade at Lerato in response to her tweet about him being fake. “Me fake? Look in the mirror real quick…That’s right… Not even you notices you.”

While the two personalities were having a dig at each other. A twitter user decided to side with Euphonik. Have a look below at what he said and how Lerato delivered a ‘smack down’ response;

Here is Lerato’s response;

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Jabulani Ngcobo

Popular entrepreneur Jabulani Ngcobo who is well known as CashflowNgcobo hosted his birthday party this past Saturday at the Munro Boutique hotel. The extravagant party was attended by some of Ngcobo’s close friends, celebrities and his family. The party had many highlights but one stand out was Ngcobo’s birthday cake which was looked like a Louis Vuitton daffle bag with US dollars.

Here’s a look inside the lavish party;

I always thought I was an ugly duckling- Lerato Kganyago

Image: Lerato Kganyago Instagram

Image: Lerato Kganyago Instagram

Media personality Lerato Kganyago may have won beauty pageants like Miss Jam Alley and Miss Soweto and is now regarded as one of the beautiful Mzansi celebrities but she hasn’t always thought she was pretty. Lerato says she actually thought she was ugly.

“Throughout high school I always thought I was the ugly duckling. I never thought I was pretty, I was tomboyish and I was quite and reserved. I was a boy at heart,” Lerato told Anele Mdoda on her show Real Talk with Anele.

Lerato says her entering beauty pageants wasn’t her idea it was her mom’s . “She entered me in pageants so I could build my confidence and also become more of a lady,” Lerato explained.

Lerato says after winning some of the pageants she built her self confidence and started to see that she was pretty.

Dineo Ranaka opens up about why Dineo’s Diary is off air


Before it became fashionable for Mzansi celebrities to have reality shows, media personality Dineo Ranaka pioneered the craze with her show Dineo’s Diary. The show was not only entertaining but gave us a real glimpse into Dineo’s life. We saw her happy, sad, emotional and witnessed everything with her.

Speaking to DRUM recently Dineo revealed that she happy that the show is off air for now. “I wanted to discontinue the bloody show,” Dineo explained. “Whether it will come back again, I don’t know but I am not pitching for it,” the radio host said.

Dineo explained that some of the things people saw on the show were too personal and it’s stuff one should not expose to public scrutiny.

“Those are things I went through in my life and you’d think my life is one big movie! I don’t regret doing it though; I just feel there were certain things I didn’t need to expose,” she tells DRUM.

Dineo is currently part of her family’s reality show The Ranakas.

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Hosts of Metro FM show The Bridge, Dineo Ranaka and Lerato Kganyago are said to be not getting along and their tension may affect their show.

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