Somizi speaks out

Television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo says people should stop saying bad things about African culture and call it names.

Somizi was speaking out about reports that some people had called musician Thandiswa Mazwai a ‘witch’ because she burns incense during her performances.

“We need to get to a place where you are proud (of your traditions) and bring light . For some musicians to go to the point of gossiping and saying that someone is a witch and using muti: Who are you bewitching when you are going to use your voice and your body?” he asked on the show he co-hosts with DJ Fresh on Metro FM The Fresh Breakfast.

“My ancestors have an appetite. I can afford to but them food every three months if I want to. Dear black brothers and sisters, it is okay to feed your ancestors whenever you want to,” he added.

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SEE: Somizi has us in chuckles again

Somizi (1)

You can say whatever you want but when it comes to television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo, no one knows how to make us laugh on social media like he does.

Somizi took to his Instagram today to post a picture of himself and his parents when he was young pocking fun at the fact that his mom knew he was gay at a very young age.

Here’s a look at the post;

Lerato Kganyago shares her first world problems



Media personality Lerato Kganyago is having what some would call privileged or first world problems. The personality took to her social media in a post that is deleted to share how much she doesn’t like partying ways with her money.

“Every time I part with more than 10K even for bags and shoes I’m like this,” she said referring to her picture which has since been deleted.

Fans responded in her comments with sarcastic responses to her “first world problems” by saying they too feel terrible when just parting with a R100.

Lerato also recently revealed that she spent quite a bit on furniture for her house.

DETAILS: Babes Wodumo to open old age home

Image: Babes Wodumo, Instagram

Image: Babes Wodumo, Instagram

Singer and dancer Babes Wodumo wants to start an Old age home. The ‘Wololo’ hit maker revealed her plans to start an old age home on Fresh Breakfast this morning.

The star said that her desire to start an old age home was inspired by how her mom’s side of the family used to encourage her to be a caregiver to old age homes when she was growing up. “I have already registered a Non Profit Organisation to kick this off as soon as I get the support I need,” Babes said.

As much as fame has been great Babes also revealed that she has had to adjust her life in many ways because of fame.

“I can’t go to clubs like I used to and dance like a ratchet. I can’t go anywhere, not even to the mall. Sometimes even when I’m with my family I can’t even eat. It is different,” Babes said explained on The Thabooty Drive on 5FM.

Babes was recently in the news after she parted ways with Public Relations company African Star Communications, but from the way things look, she is doing just fine.

Somizi on his new bae


SomGaga revealed on his Metro FM morning show with DJ Fresh that he entered into a new relationship about 12 days ago.

The author rarely speaks about his love life but he shared that he video chatted for the first time with his new bae recently.

“We video chatted for the first time last night. Before this we were just calling or texting. So far so good,” he revealed.

The reality TV star hasn’t even hinted to anyone on his social media accounts so we are in the dark about the new love interest.

In true Somizi style, He revealed that he actually video chatted with a nightgown on. The star hasn’t yet commented further on the matter.

Robert Marawa opens up about Metro FM dismissal

Image: Just Curious

Image: Just Curious

Sports broadcaster Robert Marawa was dismissed from the SABC not so long ago and according to him it was a plan that he feels the broadcaster had been working on for a while.

“They always had a plan to try and see me in the street. When you work it has to be an enabling environment‚ so you can’t always be fighting to do your work. People have to be supporting you‚ in order for you to do the work. So I found that I was wearing boxing gloves more often in trying to get the work done‚ as opposed to having assistance to work. You always found that there was antagonism of some sort‚” Robert told Azania Mosaka on 702.

Robert who went on a self imposed suspension after the producer for his show was suspended said his dismissal was becuase there was a change of management at the SABC.

“You have to remember that that was Metro’s management. The management that came through now in June was SABC sport. So Metro relinquished its power to handle sport to SABC sport‚ so that is why the relationship lasted 15 days‚” he explained.

Robert has not said where he will go but there have been many speculations that he will join Tbo Touch’s online radio TouchHD.

Somizi shares one of his regrets

Picture: Dino Codevilla

Picture: Dino Codevilla

Idols SA judge, reality TV star and author Somizi Mhlongo has been slaying over the past few years, but with all the success, Somizi says he has some regrets. One of those regrets was doing a radio show with Khanyi Mbau and Ntombi Ngcobo.

“Doing that radio show last year was something I regret. It was not a mistake, I did it because it was a business decision. I was asked to host the Samas last year and there were politics that I was on the ‘other side’ and they wanted to use SABC talent,” Somizi explained on Metro FM’s Great Escape show.

He adds that even though doing the show was the biggest regret of his career he couldn’t turn it down because it tied in with his Samas gig.

“But after that [the Samas] it was the biggest regret of my career. I always see the light in everything. I used it as a learning opportunity. It was preparing me for bigger things – the breakfast show,” he added.

Somizi is now a co-host on Metro FM’s The Fresh Breakfast alongside DJ Fresh.