Gigi finally moves out her mama’s house

Multi award winning South African rapper Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, who is popularly known as Gigi Lamayne finally left the nest and moved into her own place this past weekend. Taking to social media, the excited rapper said: 

Just moved into the new spot. My first time away from home. Super tired yet super inspired. Lord, thank you.  Mommy, my family and friends- thank you. No help. Just God and yall.

Lamayne recently left the Mabala Noise recording label and joined forces with Ambitiouz Entertainment.

6 Singers you didn’t know could speak Spanish

SpanishThe chart-toppers in music as of late has been riddled with Spanish influence and with that hidden talents have come out of the works – like singers you had no idea could speak Spanish, spitting a whole verse like it was their mother tongue. Now whether they can actually speak the language of passion or not it another question. Whether they’re up for nights rehearsing their lines like a start-out actor or maybe they’ve hired the best spSpanisheacher in town, we’ll never know. From Drake crooning on a bachata beat to Beyoncé’s bilingual bangers, here are some artists you likely didn’t know sang on Spanish records.


Romeo Santos is one of Latin music’s biggest forces and throughout his career has stuck to singing strictly in Spanish. Despite having tons of a crossover appeal and reigning from The Bronx, the dude knows where his strengths lie which is why he got Drake to step into his world and croon in Spanish for 2014’s “Odio.”

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Pharrell gave J Balvin and the reggaeton scene a major co-sign by co-producing and featuring on the slinky ‘Safari’ track, handling the Spanish hook.

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Fifth Harmony

While Harmonizers know Fifth Harmony—who currently boast two Hispanic members with the departed Camilla Cabello also being Latina—have recorded some of their English songs in Spanish, but they made a clear move to the Latin-pop mainstream when they jumped on a track with the Spanish King himself, Pitbull on his track for ‘Por Favor.’

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Justin Bieber

Now that the song was a Top 5 hit worldwide for weeks, you probably do know that Justin Bieber sang in Spanish for the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s mega-hit ‘Despacito.’ We have to admit that Bieber sounds gooood en Español.

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During her B’Day and I Am…Sasha Fierce eras, Beyoncé was very into recording bilingual versions of her tracks. But her most recent venture was when she jumped onto J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’ and if the song wasn’t popular enough when it first dropped you can only imagine how quickly it blew up when Beyoncé decided to jump on board.

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Cardi B

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Trust us we were just as surprised when we came across Miss Bodak Yellow shaking those ever so desirable hips to a sexy Spanish song with Ozuno. Is there anything Cardi B can’t do??

[embedded content]

Little Mix

Little Mix‘s sultry new song with CNCO, “Reggaetón Lento (Remix),” is garnering hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, and for good reason. In an interview, the girls expressed how much they loved learning the Spanish verses and words. “It was just so much fun singing in Spanish,” they said. “We love learning other languages.”

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WATCH: Sia’s festive music video for ‘Santa Is Coming’ with Kristen Bell

Photography: Twitter/@sia

If, like us, you were already looking forward to Christmas, prepare to reach new levels of excitement – Sia just released the music video for her new Christmas single ‘Santa’s Coming For Us’ and it’s given us all the festive feels.

[embedded content]

Starring Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and Susan Lucci among others, the video is just the sprinkle of Christmas magic we needed before entering into December next week.

Santa Is Coming is the debut single from Sia’s Christmas album titled Everyday Is Christmas. It will include a collection of ten original (yes, brand new) festive songs written by Sia and Grammy-nominated American singer/songwriter Greg Kurstin, who produced some of the singer’s biggest hits including ‘Cheap Thrills,’ ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart.’

The album is Sia’s first release since moving to Atlantic Records following two successful albums with RCA. In a joint statement, Atlantic Records Chairman/CEO Craig Kallman and Atlantic Records Chairman/COO Julie Greenwald said: “Sia is a once-in-a-generation artist. Her extraordinary gifts as a singer and songwriter, her revolutionary approach to the art of performing, her groundbreaking videos – everything she does comes from a deep wellspring of inspiration and imagination.

“Sia is that rare artist who has formed her own singular, boundless musical universe. We are so happy to welcome her into the Atlantic family and to be joining Sia on her amazing musical journey.”

The new album will be released on 16 November and its lead single is titled ‘Santa’s Coming For Us’.

See the full tracklist below:

1. Santa’s Coming For Us
2. Candy Cane Lane
3. Snowman
4. Snowflake
5. Ho Ho Ho
6. Puppies Are Forever
7. Sunshine
8. Underneath The Mistletoe
9. Every day is Christmas
10. Underneath The Christmas Lights

Bring on Christmas!

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Meet Lee-ché Janecke

PHOTO: Supplied

PHOTO: Supplied

If you were to hear his name maybe you would not know who we’re talking about but if you were to see him ‘whacking and Voguing’ you would definitely know who were going on about. Although when one mentions Vintage Cru I am sure you recall the Voguing, ponytails and floor drops in their dance routines.

Lee-ché Janecke has become a well-known and well sought after dancer/choreographer and has made himself a name in the entertainment industry.

From the humble beginnings of dancing as a child and not taking the craft very seriously, dance became Lee- ché’s career. He started out at a very “silly” gig as he recalls it but it paved the way for his now blossoming career as an entertainer.

“Well, my actual dancing career started in the year 2010 when I got my 1st gig. A silly gig might I add, but it was the hunger to be onstage that kept me motivated and I was getting a bit of money from it.”

Did you ever think at the beginning of everything that you’d be this big dancer/choreographer that’s well sought after?

That’s the craziest part about all of this, I just never knew that this would be the outcome and also not at this young age. I was doing it because I enjoyed it and when it became my career I had to make it that prominent that I could live off it.
I always say I never knew when my breakthrough was but GOD has directed me on his perfect path and everything that is happening to my life right now is as a result of him.

Vintage Cru, can you tell us how the dance crew came to be?

Vintage Cru was founded by Ashwin Bosman and I in 2011.A conversation sparked up between us on Facebook, in that year, both of us had come from dance crews and just felt like we were not comfortable in them anymore. We created an all-male waacking and vogue oriented group because those were dance styles that were not prominent in SA at the time. We enlisted more people and added elements of fashion and imagery in visuals that made our dance crew or as we called it ‘Haus’ an entirely new part of popular culture, which is now internationally sought after.
How did you feel when Vintage cru was receiving recognition and becoming a household name?

It never mattered to me. I was aware that people were recognizing us, but my ultimate goal for Vintage Cru was not to fall into the trap of becoming content, because that comes as a result of too much attention. I wanted longevity, icon status, and a legacy that would speak volumes even beyond our existence on this planet. Hence, the name Vintage. I just needed us to remain grounded and humble and allow the natural flow of our work to do the talking.

It has been years since the inception of V.C., are the original members still a part of the crew?

The original members who remain as part of Vintage Cru at the moment are myself, Sikelela Nomvete and Tarryn Alberts.
The rest left for a variety of reasons. Some changed careers and others just didn’t add any value to the brand anymore. Fights, emotions and turmoil like any group element can cause a rift but that’s life and how it goes.

When V.C. was gaining recognition and appearing on TV, you had a different, unconventional style that made you different. Did you as a crew face any negative commentary or criticism for it?

Our image played a very important part in our brand getting recognition worldwide. We pushed boundaries, we did a lot of things that challenged the status quota, that left people uncomfortable, left people gasping but that was what we wanted. We wanted to get the topic going. We wanted people to see a different point of view. As a result of our carefree nature we did face major criticism from all avenues but we pushed through. We got assaulted at Bree taxi rank not only because of homophobia but it was our clothing that played a part in that. We were unorthodox to a regular citizen.

What’s on the cards for Vintage Cru?

Vintage crew has branched off into music. We’ve always wanted to do visuals with our own music, our own choreography and own styling. Soon you’ll get to see some stuff. Haha! You know how we are.

What’s next for Lee- ché?

Lee-ché is enjoying life so much right now. I’m doing what I love and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
I’ve started my own company, HOV Productions. HOV houses over 50 dancers whom I provide to clients, agencies, shows, advertisements, music videos, magazines, corporates, etc., this in turn allows me to introduce elements of styling, consultations for artists, video directing, photography and things that I am already passionate about all under one hub. I’m quiet about what I do and just allow people to be amazed when they see my work, so with that said I am excited for the things I’m not aware of.
For now, my company is my biggest focus.

Please tell us five things we’d be surprised to know about Lee-ché

  • I was a nerd.
  • I am the sweetest guy you’ll meet, not a dragon.
  • I have pretty feet contrary to popular tales about dancers.
  • I hate compliments.
  • I have a fear of heights.
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Anastacia has brought out NEW music & it’s like time has literally stood still.

AnastaciaBack in the noughties, we used to LOVE Anastacia… that raspy voice, her poker straight hair and those pink tinted sunnies. We wanted to BE HER. Well, the good news is, she’s back and it’s like no time has passed – the only thing that’s gone is the specs.

She’s still got the voice that makes you want to book in at the nearby karaoke bar, she’s still got the toned tummy that makes you want to hit the gym, and she’s still got the poker straight hair that makes you want to dig out your Babyliss Steam straightener and spend hours in front of the mirror.

Yes, at 48, she’s no longer the height of cool, but something tells us she’s OK with that. She has sold over 30 million records worldwide, so we’re assuming she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The video for Anastacia’s new track, Caught In The Middle, had GLAMOUR talking today. There’s just SO much going on. If you think music videos nowadays lack fire eating, horseback riding, falling leaves and interpretive dance moves, well you’re going to love it… If you don’t, look away now…

If we could say one thing, we wish she’d bid farewell to the Aerosmith-esque rings. They’ve gotta go because we’re all outta love for those. And don’t get us started on those leather trews.

This song is the first single from Anastacia’s new album, Evolution, which will be her first album of original material in over three years. Welcome back, babes.

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Five interesting facts about The Muffinz


The music of the Muffinz is new, yet soulful, it is honest and innocent and it appeals to all ages, races and classes. The award winning band has been together for over 6 years and have made waves ever since they began.

The Muffins are performing at the DRUM Beat Concert on the 26th of August and they surely will get you jamming at the concert, so if you haven’t bought tickets already head to Computicket or click here for more.

Here are five facts about the band: 
• Three of the five members met at UJ Choir as they all sang there in 2010.
• The additional two members joined by 2011.
• Their name “The Muffinz” was perfect for them because each of them come from different musical backgrounds and they each see themselves as the    ingredients that come together to make the Muffinz.
• The Muffinz have been in an international tour. They performed in Washington DC and Atlanta, GA.
• They opened for Grammy nominated international star Joss Stone.

Catch The Muffinz live at DRUM Beat 2017 at the Carnival City Lawns and Sun Park in Johannesburg. The line-up also includes Mafikizolo, Amanda Black, Lady Zamar, OkMalumkoolkat, DJ Shimza, Shekinah and more.

Shekhinah’s next big gig



Shekhinah has been releasing singles and will be releasing her debut album very soon. She is one of the acts performing at the DRUM Beat Concert on the 26th of August.

Although it seems we’re not the only ones that love the songstresses music. SlikourOnLife reported that the “Let You Know” singer will be performing at his wedding with a Grand piano and she might be accompanied by RJ Benjamin. Sounds like musical heaven.

The singer told TshisaLive that she was happy to be singing at the wedding and that she initially thought it was a joke.

“I am all for love, so of course I am delighted to sing at his wedding. I actually thought it was a joke but he’s serious and I am super excited. I was just telling him how I am so happy for them and I would love to sing for them and that was that,” she said.