Somizi speaks out

Television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo says people should stop saying bad things about African culture and call it names.

Somizi was speaking out about reports that some people had called musician Thandiswa Mazwai a ‘witch’ because she burns incense during her performances.

“We need to get to a place where you are proud (of your traditions) and bring light . For some musicians to go to the point of gossiping and saying that someone is a witch and using muti: Who are you bewitching when you are going to use your voice and your body?” he asked on the show he co-hosts with DJ Fresh on Metro FM The Fresh Breakfast.

“My ancestors have an appetite. I can afford to but them food every three months if I want to. Dear black brothers and sisters, it is okay to feed your ancestors whenever you want to,” he added.

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Bonang reveals the real reason why she ended her relationship with Somizi


Ever since best friends media personality Bonang Matheba and entertainer Somizi Mhlongo’s friendship broke up, Bonang has never said anything, until now. The only person between the two who has said anything about their friendship ending is Somizi who said he was surprised the friendship ended because him and Bonang never had an arguement, she just blocked him and ‘iced’ him out.

Bonang reveals that she felt she couldn’t trust Somizi after he became friends with her ex DJ Euphonik, who Bonang alleges he assaulted her.

“It took me a while to eventually leave that relationship, and years after I had, Somizi, who was my friend, suddenly became friends with my ex. The same one whose violence towards me he had witnessed. That’s when I knew he had to go. I couldn’t trust him anymore so I cut him out of my life,” Bonang reveals in her book From A to B.

Even though Bonang is not friends with Somizi she has said that he is good at his job and applauded him many times, like the recent praise she sent him and co-host Tumi Morake on their SAMA 23 hosting.

DETAILS: Somizi bags yet another big gig

Entertainer, author, radio and television personality Somizi Mhlongo is going to be one of the three hosts of the new and revamped V Entertainment.

The show which went off air last month for a revamp is back with Somizi, Nomuzi Mabena and Scoop as the hosts.

Scoop and Nomuzi were hosts on the previous V Entertainment and Somizi has guest presented the show before.

We look forward to Somgaga’s humor, dressing and more as he joins the show.

The new installment of V Entertainment starts this Friday the 4th of August.

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SEE: Somizi has us in chuckles again

Somizi (1)

You can say whatever you want but when it comes to television and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo, no one knows how to make us laugh on social media like he does.

Somizi took to his Instagram today to post a picture of himself and his parents when he was young pocking fun at the fact that his mom knew he was gay at a very young age.

Here’s a look at the post;

Somizi ‘shuts’ down a fan


Media personality, reality show star and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is hosting the upcoming red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, as much as this is great news there are a few people who always try to find something to ‘attack’ celebrities about.

Like a fan who after hearing that Somizi is hosting the red carpet took a swipe at Somizi saying; “The date is too close. When will he find the time to rehearse all those lines in proper English!”.

After he saw the tweet Somizi in true style didn’t let the fan go, instead he ‘shut’ the fan up with the tweet below;

somizi 3

SEE: Social media reacts to Bonang’s history making Bmojis


Media personality, reality show star and business woman Bonang Matheba made history yesterday when she became the first ever South African personality to launch her own emojis called Bmoji By Bonang. Bonang’s Bmojis are available google play and app store.

Here’s what social media had to say about Bmoji By Bonang;

Somizi wins, again

Somizi (1)

Media personality, reality show star and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is really owning 2017 in many ways. Hot off the heals of his book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit becoming a huge sold out success, Somizi is headed to Los Angeles, USA.

The well known choreographer and author is hosting the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards on the 28th of August.

For someone who at some point seemed like he was down and out Somizi is a true example of an unbreakable spirit and he inspires us all greatly.

Go slay them SomGaga!