Zalebs rocking designer threads

It’s no secret that every girl dreams of owning that pair of Christian Louboutin’s or that Gucci bag but for most of us, this will only remain a dream. But for some lucky celebs, this dream has become a reality. From designer bags, the trendiest shoes and even an enviable full Gucci track set Khanyi Mbau so casually posted on her Twitter feed that had us red and blue with envy. And it’s no secret that celebrities and influencers have a love affair with designer handbags. We’ve rounded up the South African celebrities and influencers that regularly wear major lust-worthy designer totes and threads. Take a look below:

Off to Cape Town with my @sir_brandon_reynolds… #iamaDJ

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Don’t let the cold in…happy Friyay 👗: @Burberry styled by @tebello_r

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About last night 💋

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🐥🐥🐥 . 📸 @toptrendingstyles

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…Pink on white🌸🦄 Style @zahifashionhub📸 💐

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Caption This… | 📸: @rufushorne

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Feeling like an artist….#simplylive #simplylove #simplyenhle🎓🌺🍭

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Michelle Obama praised Black Panther because representation matters

Michelle Obama

Black Panther continued to shatter records, change lives, and receive rave reviews over the weekend, with one such review from none other than Michelle Obama. On Presidents’ Day, the former First Lady of the United States took to Twitter with high praise for the acclaimed masterpiece, congratulating the filmmakers for its groundbreaking effect on superhero movies.

“Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team!” she tweeted. “Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen. I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories.”

The former First Lady makes a very important point about just how much representation matters in media. As she points out, getting to see heroes who look like you on the big screen goes a long way in breaking barriers. Plus, the success of inclusive films like Black Panther and Wonder Woman make the case for studios to fund even more films like them, instead of ones with questionable representation and whitewashing.

Obama’s tweet has since (obviously) gone viral, and even caught the attention of Wakandan royalty themselves. Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia in the film, retweeted the praise, adding, “Humbled by the real queen ??‍.”

Aside from the fact that this obviously means the Obamas need cameos in Black Panther 2, it’s amazing to see the ode to black excellence continue to get the recognition it deserves — and from someone as monumental as Michelle Obama, no less. Meanwhile, former President of the United States Barack Obama hasn’t yet shared his thoughts on Black Panther, but considering his lifelong interest in superhero comics, it wouldn’t be surprising if he loved it just as much as his wife.

Taken from Teen Vogue. Click here to read the original.

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Blake Lively just hilariously trolled Ryan Reynolds for his birthday

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Much fuss is made over Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ seemingly perfect marriage, and for good reason: They’re absolutely hilarious together. Sure, they have their serious moments — like the time Ryan praised Blake for making him “a more empathetic person” — but the two are best when they’re trolling each other.

Take, for example, the time Blake called Ryan out for blocking her photo of John Legend. There’s also the musical prank Ryan played on Blake while she was giving birth to their first daughter, James. (So rude, by the way!) And we can’t forget the GIF Ryan tweeted of Blake that compared their first date to her shark movie, The Shallows.

One of the couple’s funniest moments, though, happened this summer, when Ryan posted on Instagram to honour Blake on her birthday. There was just one problem: He cropped half of her face out of the photo.

Well, it seems Blake has taken the strategy of “don’t get mad, get even” to heart. Here’s what she posted yesterday on Instagram to celebrate Ryan’s birthday:

She followed that slick move with this tweet:

Well done, Blake, well done. Ryan, meanwhile, had his own birthday jokes to share on Twitter, writing, “My kids tried to surprise me for my birthday this morning. I totally heard them coming and snuck out to start a new life somewhere else.”

But don’t worry about this tweet offending Blake — in fact, his sense of humour is one of the many reasons why she loves her husband. “He’ll run [his tweets] by me sometimes just to make me laugh. But oh, I’m so in love with him when he writes that stuff. I mean, I’m in love with him most of the time, but especially with that,” she said earlier this year. “I treat him like my girlfriend. I’m like, ‘Hey, this happened. It upset me. This is how I feel. What do I do?’ And he does the same for me. He treats me like his best buddy.”

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Demi Lovato shut down a writer who said it’s ‘bullsh-t’ she doesn’t discuss her sexuality

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato received a firestorm of media attention earlier this month when she was photographed holding hands with a woman, DJ-producer Lauren Abedini, in Disneyland. The outing sparked questions and gross speculation about the pop star’s sexuality, which she has never explicitly talked about. (She’s discussed sexuality in general, but not in the context of her personal life.) Honestly, Lovato’s sexuality is none of our business; she has every right to be as vocal or quiet about it as she pleases.

This is what Lovato told Pride Source last week when she was asked why she keeps her sexuality private despite being an outspoken queer advocate. “I feel like [my sexuality] is irrelevant to what my music is all about,” she said. “I stand up for the things that I believe in and the things that I’m passionate about, but I like to keep my personal life as private as possible when it comes to dating and sexuality and all that stuff just because it has nothing to do with my music.”

And she doubled down on this sentiment last night. She clapped back at a journalist who said the reason she gave Pride Source for keeping her love life mum is “total bullshit.”

“Expectant and rude. Watch my documentary and chill out,” Lovato tweeted, referring to her YouTube documentary debuting next month where she reportedly touches on her sexuality. “Just because I’m refuse to label myself for the sake of a headline doesn’t mean I’m not going to stand up for what I believe in. If you’re that curious about my sexuality, watch my documentary. But I don’t owe anybody anything.”

See Lovato’s tweet for yourself, below:

She’s absolutely right, by the way. Warped media culture gives people the idea they’re somehow entitled to details about celebrities’ lives, but they’re not. At the end of the day, stars are humans, just like you and me, and they have a right to privacy. Indeed, people need to “chill out.”

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ICYMI: social media slams Bonang’s bestseller

Image: Bonang Matheba/Instagram

Image: Bonang Matheba/Instagram

Last night Bonang Matheba’s ‘From A to B’ was officially launched at the Diamond Walk in Sandton — and it’s already flying off the shelves.

But those who have delved into the new author’s work have some questions…

One user took to Twitter to post photos of pages from the book, which show numerous grammatical errors and typos.

This started a chain reaction, with more readers coming forward to point out the glaring errors in the tome. From dodgy sentence structure to an incorrect birth date, readers left no page unturned.

Fans of the media personality said they blame the publishing company for the very clear mistakes in the book.
Bonang is yet to comment on the situation.

Source: YOU

8 Messy Hollywood breakups that were hard to watch

Let’s be honest, we all feel a little burst of excitement when we find out our celebrity crush has ended it with their significant other. There’s hope for us again! But we can’t help feel a little bad when they’re as messy as these break-ups.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

They shocked everyone by breaking up shortly after posting multiple PDA pics on Instagram. Then to throw a spanner in the works, just a week later Taylor started ‘dating’ Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin went on a massive Twitter meltdown over claims that Taylor had written his new single. It doesn’t help that we’re still not entirely sure why a couple with such a loved-up Instagram presence would break up. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Taylor will write a song about it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.55.24 PM

Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian

This wasn’t the first awkward break-up for Rita Ora. When things between Rob and Rita turned sour, the couple deleted all evidence of their relationship online. Then Rob decided to go on a massive Twitter rant, accusing Rita of cheating on him with “nearly 20 dudes”. Seems extreme but that’s not where it ended. Rita then apparently made some disparaging tweets about Rob’s, um, manhood. Too far? We’ll leave that one up to you.


Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

A record-breaking 72-day marriage and so much dirty laundry to go through. Kris started the mud-slinging by accusing Kim of using him for fame and virtually faking the entire relationship. He then went on to accuse her of cheating on him with Kanye, which she’s denied… but considering her current relationship with Yeezy, we’re not so sure.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.58.01 PM

Naya Rivera and Big Sean

Well, this was a weird one. Naya and Big Sean were engaged, then ended things, after which Naya accused her ex of stealing Rolexes from her house. Big Sean then released the single ‘I don’t f with you’, allegedly about Naya (as one does after a break-up). Naya very quickly moved on, married Ryan Dorsey and had a baby. No grass growing under her feet.


Blac Chyna and Tyga

You know what doesn’t help to smooth things over with the mother of your child? Very quickly moving on to date a 17-year-old who also happens to be the younger sister of one of your ex-fiancée’s best friends. Talk about a lot to process. Who are we talking about? Kylie Jenner, of course, who Blac Chyna repeatedly accused Tyga of seeing while the pair were still together. She followed up her claims by sharing romantic texts sent to her by Tyga while he and Kylie were together. Cue a LOT of public shade-throwing in the form of cooking shows, makeup lines, and social media, followed by Blac Chyna eventually creating the most twisted post-breakup plotline ever by getting engaged to Rob Kardashian and having his baby.

Needless to say, however, all the above-mentioned relationships have finally come to an end. Is it true what they say? Is the Kardashian/Jenner family a drama-magnet? We’re going to give that one a definite yes.

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#TBT: do you remember the dress?

In 2015 a picture of a dress was released on social media and it caused a buzz and many disagreements. The dress to some was white and gold and to others seemed black and blue.

The dress was so popular it even has it’s own Wikipedia page.

We’re pretty sure you saw it and probably also got into a heated discussion over its colors with someone.

In case you missed it here is the dress:

here are some opinions on #TheDress

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