The new Venom trailer is a lot more serious than the last one

Tom Hardy goes dark(er).

We’re just over two months away from the long-awaited release of Venom, and the anticipation can’t be much… well, much more muted. Tom Hardy’s doing a funny voice, Riz Ahmed trying to operate in a generic villain role looks about as effective as a car trying to three-point-turn in one of those steel shipping containers, and now Venom has knives for hands? Sure. Let’s go with it.

Gone is the relative fun-loving jauntiness of the first trailer, in which Eddie Brock murdered a bunch of henchmen against his will and then rode a motorcycle. Now it’s all bleakness, all the time, with a hint of that smug, self-satisfied tone Deadpool helped popularize. “There are enough superheroes,” the trailer tells us at one point. Yeah, and there are enough movies about haunted “badasses” that feature terrible CGI, too.

Watch the trailer below:

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