We are in our feels about Riky Rick leaving music

King Kotini is taking a break from music and we are sad about it. 

Award-winning hip-hop star Riky Rick is taking a break from music. He announced his decision to leave music almost a week ago, saying he is taking time off to find his faith. Riky realized an EP Stay Shining towards the end of 2017, and it was pretty dope. 

‘Friends and fam, I apologize sincerely to everybody who will be affected but I am not in the right place mentally to continue doing shows or anything that involves leaving my children. I am taking time to find my faith before I lose the connection with the people I love the most,’ he said in his announcement on Twitter. 

The Sidlukotini hitmaker stays in Johannesburg with his wife Bianca and their two kids Jordan and Maik.

‘Being a ‘celebrity’ its difficult to tell people I ain’t feeling well. It is difficult to take time away because people expect you to be superhuman. I am not superhuman. I’m just another human being who wants to find some sort of peace and happiness in life. I’m sorry,’ he added in his announcement. 

The news came as a shock to us and we were left in our feels, but a man gotta do, what he has to. 

While we get used to King Kotini being off the circuit, for now, we have put together a playlist of five of our favorite songs from him that remind us of just dope he is. 

Listen to the tracks below; 

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